EarthQuake in Pakistan

A Whole Generation wiped out
Villages & Cities completly flattened

An earth quake of magnitude 7.6 has wiped out a whole generation in the northern areas of Pakistan. Many of the villages have been completely flattened because of the deadly quake and land sliding. The death tool as reported yet around 40,000 may get doubled as corpses are taken out of the destroyed structures. It is undoubtedly the worst earth quake , Pakistan has ever experienced. Many of the schools were destroyed completely when the children were there in the classes. Hundreds of childs were buried alive under the massive destroyed structures. 70-80 percent of the buildings (including residential ones) in Muzaffarabad have been destroyed. The conditions are not very different in Mansehra and Balakot region. Islamabad has also expereinced a severe effect of teh quake where Margalla tower fell down killing a number of people residing there.

Can we do something ?

Definitely , we can do much for them and we must do the maximum we can. I was just hovering around with friends last night when a bunch of guys called us , they had a few tables in front of them where packed eatables were placed , blankets , clothes and ready coffins were also kept aside and a box for monetary donations was also available. They actually asked us for donations and I was very happy to see that tehre still are people who care for others , who can feel the pain of others and who have the courage to sacrifice for otehrs. It was not the only platform which I have noticed in the last few days working for the relief of quake victims but many NGOs like Edhi Trust , MKR etc are putting great efforts for the relief. The commitment of such people are really appreciable and I felt proud that Pakistanis as a nation are still alive ! Other than NGOs people are colelcting and sending fundings and other material theirselves to the victims.

Do They Need Our Help !

You must have heard the phrase ‘They Need our Help’ many times even before and it may not have aroused any special feelings in you probably but believe me this time it really is important. We can’t even imagine the magnitude of the disaster and more importantly its to our own family members.

  • Can you imagine a whole family being buried alive under their own house roof?
  • Can you imagine 600 childs buried alive under school roof?
  • Can you imagine feelings of the parents standing out of that school knowing that their childs are dead inside?
  • Can you imagine more than 40,000 people dying in one day where the death tool may get doubled?
  • Can you just feel being homeless ?
  • What about a child who has lost all his family members ?

How to Help Them ?

Donate through SMS

  • Donate Rs. 3/= per SMS towards MKRF Relief Fund
  • SMS the word DONATE to 436
  • Each SMS cost Rs. 3/= + taxes

Donate though Fone-Calls

Call 0900-99970 to donate Rs.17/min

Donations in Bank Account

” Donations can be deposited in any branch of UBL in Pakistan giving following details.
Account Title
MKRF – Pakistan Earthquake Relief Fund
Bank Name
United Bank Limited
Account No.
Branch Code
Branch Name
Al-Rehman Branch
Branch Address
I. I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi , Pakistan

International Donations

For international telegraphic transfer from any bank abroad also indicate
Swift Code : U N I L P K KA

Agay Barho !

Madad Karo !

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