Paye – Yakhhhs !

I was bist-ed by friends and cousins at an event this weekend when I uttered, ” mene aaj tak theek se dekhay nahe paye, khana to dor ki bat hay.” The reaction by the group of around 11 people was so intense that they would have hit me and slapped me if I would have said one more word against the ‘shaan of Paye’. I didn’t knew people like them so much. I was given various labels like, Chawal, Changar, Paindo, Cheesa and others (which are censored). This reaction triggered something within me and I thought I will give them a try – after all people love them more than me :)

Office atay he mene suba se tar tar laga rakhi the k aaj raat paye khanay he khanay hain jo marzi ho jaye. Me, Naveed and Zee left for Fazal Haq and whats next … YAKHS ! First, when the ‘ajeeb-o-ghareeb’ thing was served , I was like…”whats this stinky thing”, they looked like “ublay-huay-servis-tyre-tube” and smell like shit, trust me ! Even under these circumstances, I tried to taste them keeping the promise I had made with myself. I tried the Soup (Shorba or Shora to be more precise with that stinky dish) and that was Okay ! When it came to taste the real stuff, I found myself out of balls ! Whenever I touched the rubber material cooked in Nafees Gum (2 rupay wali goond jis se bachpan me books pe khaki cover charhatay thay) I was like, “yaar ye rubber k ublay huay jotay kese khaon me.” Yet, I tried the rubber-stuff and managed to swallow it somehow but later, managing not to vomit was the hard-part. Khair, do char dafa aur try kia aur jab laga k ab kaam ho jayega to I left it and ordered Chanay.

Naveed and Zee enjoyed this bakray k paon a lot – Foot Fettish Guys 😀
Naveed even ate mine plate as well – The Real Foot Fettish !

All I can say is, I was very right not to try these stinky-smelling like shit-gum based bakray k paon all my life. YAKHSSS !!! My hands are yet gummy !

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