Black Arm-Band Movement

Peaceful protest it is a vital part of a democratic society but unfortunately we don’t live in one. Many of the rights and freedoms we enjoy today were gained because people were prepared to go out on the streets and protest. It can be a very powerful tool for situations like the one we are going through. So, should we protest and come out on streets ?

Being practical , keeping in view the ruthlessness of the current regime and the attitude of Police towards the protesters in the recent days, even the peaceful protests are not safe. Even moving around the town in groups is not considered safe !

Should we zip-up our lips and accept what is being done to us as a nation and the country ?

Going out on streets for protest might not be safe but how about wearing black arm bands all day long whether you are at work or out in the town ? or to put a mini black flag on your car or motorcycle or even house ?

For educational institutes, the students and faculty can wear the black arm bands all day long and peacefully line up at their campuses for half an hour (or so) every day as a mark of protest, without disturbing their class room schedule. This should be discussed online in all possible forms like blogs, social networking websites, CNN iReport, discussion boards, email groups etc. Media coverage can be arranged as well.

This might sound odd but it really can work if all of us do this and use the medium of internet to get our message through.

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