Imran Khan at Punjab University

Chairman, PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf), Imran Khan had called for a protest on November 14,2007 at Punjab University Campus bridge at 11:00 AM. This was going to be the first public appearance of IK after the imposition of emergency since when he was in hide-out. It was pretty obvious that the bad-guys who have been looking for him since then will not let him go this time. Khan must have this thing in mind that it won’t be as easy to escape this time as he managed to last time when the cops raided his residence in Zaman Park, Lahore to arrest him after issuance of his arrest warrants. As expected heavy deployments of police were seen through-out the city to counter the protest activity being lead by most popular leader in youth. The cops were deployed at at all major chowks to resists any possible movement of masses towards the hot-spot. Crowd was seen quite scattered by 11 AM around Mughal-e-Azam banquet hall near Barkat Market as the police was already there resisting any huge gathering. It was communicated that instead of Campus Bridge, Khan will appear at Seasons Chowk opposite to Mughal-e-Azam banquet hall near Barkat Market, possibly to play a trick to the heavy deployments of Police around PU. The crowd started gathering at the said place to welcome Khan but all of a sudden it was announced that he is going to appear at PU where students from PU and other universities along with PTI workers will welcome him.

Soon a crowd of around a thousand was waiting for Khan at PU and it was around a quarter past 12 that he appeared in his car along with senior members of PTI. The protesters chanted slogans to welcome him. The cops were not good enough to let this continue, soon the laathi-charge started and I was one of the blessed one to be hit by the laathi quite a few times. I can still feel how it hurts ! When the laathis were not enough, shelling of tear gas started to disperse the crowd. When all this drama was going on, a rumor spread in the crowd that IK has been arrested, which obviously did not come as a shocking news at all. As i tried to acquired a few details, I was informed that a few sufaid-posh have taken him away in his car. Many assumed that they were cops in plain clothes but a few were arguing that they were Jamiyat guys who have kidnapped him and taken him into custody. The crowd was dispersed by the cops and it remained unknown-story for quite a sometime that who those guys were. Very shorlty it was confirmed that those were guys from Islami Jamiat-e-Tuleba (IJT), student wing of Jamaa’t-e-Islaami. The details later uncovered the fact that they locked IK somewhere in PU and manhandled him and other workers of PTI. They later called the police and got him arrested.

Here is a short clip which is the message from IK on arrest at PU.

An hour later, GEO TV aired a short telephonic conversation with the IJT-Head and he said, “we condemn what the members of IJT have done in case of Imran Khan at the protest ” , thus accepting the treacherous act and with the double-faced nature, condemning it. A national hero being treated like this definitely makes it a day of shame for every Pakistani. When will we learn to respect and honour our heroes ?

Since, there is a positive aspect of everything, I find something good about 11/14 as well, may be I am being too much optimistic but I can atleast satisfy myself saying: Just the way 12th May 2007 uncovered the real face of MQM, this day uncovered the hidden treacherous double-faced IJT/JI. When I try to look for a reason why IJT did this, the first reason I can think of is , they did it on purpose to stop growing popularity of Imran Khan amongst youth and students specifically in PU and maintain their ‘hold’. But do we need a reason to justify why IJT will do something like this ? This is something they have been doing for years. They have been occupying the largest public sector university of Pakistan and are involved in every kind of ‘gunda-gardi’ you can think of. Be if PU, FCC, ICCL or other public sector institutes they have this tradition of ‘guna-gardi’ everywhere. This quite acceptable from someone like them.

From my personal experience today …

Official Press Release of PTI regarding this event

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