More Terrorists identified !

Government of Pakistan (read Pakistan Army) has been very successfully running their operations across the country to identify and capture as many ‘terrorists’ as possible. Another success story of them was telecast on GEO TV few days back when the identified and successfully arrested a new emerging group of ‘terrorists’, they were assumed to be involved in violent activities in the near future.

Thanks to the far sightedness of the executives of the nation. ‘Terrorists’ like this should be treated like this. I am glad at this success of them – atleast they have something to their credit now.

The chillars (policemen) when found themselves and their masters , to whom they are faithful as a dog, stressed because of these ‘terrorists’, went into the bed-rooms and arrested them ‘honorably’ giving them the due ‘respect’.

This indeed is a matter of concern for the nation, on the whole. Next time it can be mine or your house as well. These can be our mothers and sisters as well.

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