Mush’s desperate tries for a deal with NS

Ghulaam-e-Nabi Sadar-e-Pakistan Janaab Syed General Perwaiz Musharraf * is desperate to have a deal with a major political party. He is on his visit to KSA at the moment where he is desperately trying to meet ex-PM Nawaz Sharif , over-thrown illegally by him during the ending years of last millennium.

It is to be noted that deal of Mush with PPP has been a hot-news for a few months in past and BB had shown flexibility towards Mush. It is interesting to note that now Mush is even trying to have a deal with NS. According to some personal sources in KSA close enough to NS, Mush has been trying to have a meeting with NS but he has refused to do so. The Saudi King requested NS on behalf of Mush to have a discussion with Mush, but the ex-PM has refused to have any kind of discussion with the dictator.

I am amazed, rather shocked to know that the dictator is in such a position that he is even trying to deal with NS. The good aspect is that this situation very much clears that PPP also has a sound and clear standing now and have refused to have a deal with Mush. It can be very safely assumed that PPP has refused to have any deal with Mush , since Mush himself is not in a condition to refuse having a deal with PPP. He is desperately seeking a major political party to form a ruling coalition which can work under his dictatorship.

The nation has been wounded badly by both of these two political parties in the past, this is the time for them to have a bath in ganga-jal. Lets see how PPP and PLM-N respond to the situation. The update for now is that NS has cmpletely refused to have any discussion with Mush, even after the intervention of Saudi King.

* Sky is the limit for TC. This is something I read on a banner at Mall road yesterday hanging in front of the Punjab Assembly near the Islamic Summit Tower.

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