Imran’s determined innings !

Cricketer turned politician, Imran Khan, Chairman PTI was sent to D.G.Khan Jail after the humiliating arrest from PU (14-Nov-07) which served as a tool to expose Jamiat and triggered the student movement in PU , increased the popularity of the bold and daring Khan as well as of his party.

A day after his arrest, PTI workers, students and followers of IK demonstrated at Barkat Market demanding IK to be released (15-Nov-07). The brutality of cops was something to watch that day. But this was not all they could do, the establishment continued to play their cheap tricks and victimized the family of Imran Khan.

On Thursday (16-Nov-07), his party supporters and sisters went out to protest and all were beaten badly including Imran’s sisters and other female activists. This was something to be ashamed of, for all of us as a nation.

Followers of IK all over the world demonstrated protest rallies. Cancer patients at the SKMC hospital, which comes as a heaven at earth to them, demonstrated for his release. Large scale rallies were reported from US, Germany and London. Jemaima Khan, Imran’s ex-wife condemned ex-husband’s arrest at a protest rally in London where more than 500 followers of IK (Pakistani and British) demonstrated demanding his release. Imran’s younder tiger, Qasim was also there to protest against this arrest.

The ‘angry-still-young-mancontinued to play his innings even in the jail, not losing hope, determined to win the fight for Pakistan and the nation. Imran’s reported a day after his arrest that the daring Khan has decided to go on hunger strike starting Monday (19-Nov-07). She reported that, “Imran is not taking any liquid and he is not eating. He has grown weak but his spirits are very high. He has refused to take water despite instruction from the jail doctor and this is extremely worrisome.”

He sent a message from jail through his lawyers to the nation telling them about his hunger strike and to join him in the cause. People and establishment underestimated the determined Khan and ignored this strategy of him, but it was not BB or NS ! It is the same Khan, who after losing first four games in Cricket WC ’92 daringly stated that “we will win this world cup.” This is the very person who was only able to collect 1 crore PKR (out of 56 crore PKR needed) in a period of one year to establish Pakistan’s largest trust hospital , Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital. But in the end, he did it ! It has been 11 years now that the national hero has been fighting for the nation providing them a new platform towards progressive Pakistan. This period not easy, he got only one seat in NA in this period but he stood firm, he never compromised on his ideology and principles though we was twice offer the Prime Ministership. He refused to such offers saying, “Imran Khan rubber stamp PM nahe banay ga.” Being a man of principles, Khan continued his hunger strike and got into a condition that he was shifted to jail hospital where the doctors and jail staff tried to feed him but he refused. Even the intervention of his family members and very close individuals, whom he take as his intellectual think-tank could not mould his decission. “My hunger strike is not about me. It is focused on the issue of restoration of judiciary”, he replied them.

The establishment, feared of the consequences of this strategy of IK, which was further increasing his popularity, took the red pill, and released him. Jail administration on the instructions of the provincial government, freed hunger-striking cricket legend and politician prison, where he has been detained for the last week under anti-terrorism laws on Wednesday (21-Nov-07).

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