Persuading PMLN to boycott the elections – the sms chat !

Political parties as expected seem busy playing their dirty roles. MMA (which I call Mullah-Military Alliance) have decided to take part in the elections saying ‘Boycott will be a stupid decission and makes no sense.’ Same is expected from PPP. After the daring stand of PTI to boycott the elections and not even submitting the nomination papers, one might start expecting similar from PML-N. They might also consider this option as they are not well-prepared for elections.

Like many others, I consider the upcoming elections a total crap. Political parties should boycott the farce elections to show their support to the judges who refused to take oath under the PCO. This is the very first time in the history of this independent nation that the judiciary has taken an independent path.

Following the campaign publicised by Emergency Times I decided to send text messages to all available cell phone numbers of PMLN leaders. Different persuasive text messages regarding boycott of elections were sent to all the numbers available. Surprisingly, I started getting replies for them.

The first reply I recieved was:

“Dear Friend: Thank you for your valuable input. I respect your opinion. Regards, XYZ”

The next reply I received was:

“Thanks for the message. We are in decission making process, please wait.”

I did replied to these guys but received no further message from them. Later, quite surprisingly one of the numbers I had send text message replied quite late in the night. I had an SMS chat with this guy not knowing whose number this was, as I just had printed a list of phone numbers without names. The messages I received from this guy in period of an hour are listed below:

“Plz wait 4 a couple of days.. MNS is persuading other parties..”
“Keep ur voice hi on this issue.. Give us a couple of days… Thanx..”
“Your protests will strengthen our hands..”
“May I know who is there.?”
“V r proud of you n ur student organization… U r our future hope..”

I was quite surprised on getting these messages from this unknown guy and this made me curious to know who this guy is. I looked for the name against this cell phone at Emergency Times and I was shocked, literally ! The guy who was playing sms-sms for an hour or so was none other than Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan, former CM NWFP.

This is quite an encouraging sign and I suggest everyone around should convey the message to the PMLN leaders and other parties this way. It might work !


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