SAC Lahore protests (again) at Lahore Press Club

On the call of SAC Lahore, around 300 protesters gathered at Lahore Press Club around 3:00 PM despite the resistance policies carried out by the cops this morning.

Heavy deployments of police were seen around the area with many plain clothe policemen roaming around quite earlier this afternoon. Students from various institutes were joined by the lawyers, social activists, media guys and members of the civil society at the Press Club. The protesters first gathered inside the premises of the Lahore Press Club building and later went out in form of a rally chanting anti-Musharraf slogans. The protesters formed a chain and moved around the circular Press Club building on the foot-path. At the Egerton road end, the crowd was seen in maximum strength where they vigorously chanted slogans in favor of restoration of pre-emergency judiciary and independent media. This time majority of the placards read slogans related to election like ‘Boycott Sham election’ and ‘Election NaManzoor‘. The crowd continuously chanted the slogan ‘Boycott Boycott, Election ka Boycott‘ when moving in form of a rally.

The protesters marked an end to the show in the Lahore Press Club building after speeches by various student leaders, lawyers and social activists. This time again, national anthem was recited by the protesters before they peacefully dispersed.

Video Part 1 – Download 3GP version

SAC Lahore protests at Press Club (Part 1) – 4Dec07 – [] from formanite10 on Vimeo.

Video Part 2 – Download 3GP version

SAC Lahore protests at Press Club (Part 2) – 4Dec07 – [] from formanite10 on Vimeo.

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