State attempts to curb student’ voice

Students of various educational institutes of Lahore have raised their voice against the rule of tyrant and injustice under the flag of SAC,Lahore twice in the current month. Continuing the totalitarian measures the state now attempts to curb the rising students voice from the platform of SAC,Lahore. When SAC, Lahore is preparing to protest for the third time today at Lahore Press Club at 3:00 PM today, the cops are busy in their mission-resist !

A few Luminitie friends reported, “Police is attempting to barricade students inside LUMS so that they cant go to the protest.” On my way to work, heavy deployments of Police were seen around PU New Campus Under Pass and the gates of PU, probably for the same reason. A police van was reported to be roaming around FAST-NU campus as well.

Lets see how many overcome the resistance !

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