In response to Ahmed Quraishi’s – The Plan To Topple Pakistan Military

People in my social circle perceive me as an active political activist because of the emails/SMS I send and ofcourse this blog which has been quite active. Probably considering this, a colleague of mine dropped me an email a few days back.
Here goes his email :
Salam shah ji,
I hope you d enjoy reading the article below.
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I already had glanced through this article and found it so stupid and fabricated that I could not resist the urge to close the browser window. This article has been quite talked-of at mailing lists and forums. This time I though to read it complete and write a reply to this. I took me quite sometime to read the fantasy and I found it as boring as Lord of the Rings – which I call Umroo Ayyar aur Talismi Angoothi. Here goes my reply to this article :
This article is such a figment of imagination that no actual conspiracy theory will be able to beat it, let alone, the conspiracy theory the article is projecting. The author didn’t think for a moment the answer to a simple question: If all the lawyers, media people, judges, Aisha Siddiqa, Bugti, Taliban; all of them can collide together to destroy Pakistan Military, then who was Pakistan Military colliding with throughout? Were they not in bed with CIA and Pentagon? Were ISI, MI and other spy agencies sleeping all throughout when such an elaborate conspiracy theory was being bred? And in case they were sleeping, they deserve to be toppled. They take a major portion of our budget and are un-aware of such conspiracy theories being planned against themselves, how can they become the saviors of the nation ? Restricting freedom of speech is like an attempt to silence the Voice of God! All of us must know that this will never happen. Soon or late, the truth shall prevail! I understand and personally agree that there should be reforms for media also. All positive contributions are welcome. But attaching everything to such a conspiracy theory where the entire world only has one enemy, that is, Pakistan’s Military; is a laughing stock.
Mr.Qureshi , the author, may be a staunch supporter of the military or President Musharraf but he must know both sides of the dark alley before defending his friends. It is too generalized a statement to blame everybody from media to students for playing in the hands of the U.S. There must be either documented evidence or circumstantial evidence to prove one’s statements to give them credibility. As far as the circumstantial evidence is concerned, everything is on the negative side of the president and his government, whether one likes it or not. The president is not that naive to play in the hands of the Americans when he has access to all the paraphernalia of the intelligence agencies and full support of the army high command. He may be under pressure to locate Osama bin Laden or step up his efforts to curb so called extremism, militancy and terrorism. He may be under pressure to isolate China from the regional politics. He may be under pressure to hand over Dr. A.Q. Khan. But pressures are always there. Pressure was there on Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to wrap up nuclear program, he refused. Pressure was there on Mian Nawaz Sharif not to test nuclear bomb, he refused. In the case of President Musharraf, he never refused his masters in Washington.
  1. He almost rolled back country’s nuclear program.
  2. He let Americans bomb innocent population in NWFP and Afghanistan, though I believe some of the bombings were justified.
  3. He let Dr A. Q. Khan be humiliated publicly.
  4. He maligned religious schools for teaching Jihad and preparing warriors.
  5. He let Red Mosque (Lal Masjid) episode to develop to the point where he could launch a brutal attack on the seminary. (Were the agencies sleeping when the ammunition that Musharraf claims to be found in Lal Masjid reached there? Using White Phosphorus on children in there was the only solution?)
  6. He let South and North Waziristan be bombed and attacked to kill without discrimination.
  7. He let Akbar Ali Bugti be killed the way which was totally unacceptable and not-recommended. It was like heading towards Baluchistan Debacle after Dhaka debacle, inviting Civil war.
  8. He let corruption be widespread everywhere at every level. (Continuously labeled the politicians to be corrupt and now sitting with most corrupt of them in assemblies)
  9. He let prices go sky high to make life miserable for most of the people. (Highest inflation rate recorded in the history of Pakistan)
  10. He let bureaucracy, civilian or military, be politicized.
  11. He let MQM go on a rampage on May 12.
  12. He let Chief Justice of Pakistan be thrown out, humiliated and maligned.
  13. He let the media be gagged.
  14. He let police give a bleeding nose to every peaceful demonstrator in the name of Section 144. (I have been myself the victim of brutal laathi-charge and tear gas shells various times in this period when protesting peacefully in students movement)
  15. He let Mian Nawaz Sharif be deported in violation of the verdict of the Supreme Court.
  16. Lastly, he imposed emergency via Chief of Army Staff and did everything to destroy the judicial system, media, political base, lawyers, students and so on, just like a conqueror conquering an enemy’s territory.
It is not surprising that President Musharraf would now be blaming the U.S. for trying to depose him. General Ayub Khan also blamed the U.S. during his last days in power. When nobody else is left to carry the blame, it is the U.S. U.S. can never topple a government which is well entrenched, popular and effective in its own country. Why U.S. could not throw out Mohatir Mohammad of Malaysia, Fidel Castro of Cuba and Col Gaddafi of Libya? Why U.S. is still unable to subjugate Iran?
“In Pakistan, the target is a Pakistani president who refuses to play ball with the United States on Afghanistan, China, and Dr. A.Q. Khan.” If Mush had balls to refuse USA then it would have long time ago in 2001 when US invaded Afghanistan. This is not the era when people use to buy crap. It is MUSHARRAF who gave orders to send Army on Northern borders where Army jawans are being killed for sake of Musahrraf alone. Ignorance is bliss but too much ignorance is curse.
The article is full of contradictions and fiction. At one point, the author is saying “from where Dr Aysha got all this knowledge” and on the other point he is saying “she was dealing with military accounts for almost 13 years.” The author tried to tell us what Aysha did in last few years, but he didn’t bother to tell, how he got all this. The author says, “The first shot in this plan was fired in Pakistan’s Balochistan province in 2004.” This shot was fired by Mushrraf himself and he claimed it a historical achievement in his address to the nation after this. He adds, ”The last bullet will be toppling Musharraf, sidelining the military and installing a pliant government in Islamabad.” Well, Military has to be side-lined, that’s the rule of thumb for a stable state. The author is telling us that Benazir has arrived in Pakistan to destroy Pakistan and we should not support her, but again author didn’t bother to tell us that whose blessings let her come in to Pakistan. Who issued NRO to safe guard her? Summing up, I know one thing at least that this analysis is wrong. If American government wants to get rid of Mushharaf they have many other workable options. The author has tried to show it as some thing planned. If this is a plan then I wonder why they are super power with such a disability in planning.
There are so many issues with Musharraf, the rule of tyrant, dictatorship, and anti-democratic processes that the compiled list will go on and on. There can be no debate on the fact that intervention of military in political process is totally wrong and has been worst part of our national history, whenever we had been in such times. Pakistani army has now become a real estate agent. No where in the world the army has its own banks, businesses etc. It’s a state with in state. In fact countries have their army our army has a country. On another note, Chief Justice of Supreme Court is behind the bars just because of one possible/probable court decisions outcome and there is no explanation that can justify this act alone. The whole nation is also behind bars now without any right to appeal – no civil rights! This is plain act of treason to me. The constitution of Pakistan is not a mere book of hundreds of pages, it’s an agreement between the people of Pakistan and the government of Pakistan; the rules on which we have given them the right to rule on us. And none can change this. Please keep this in mind that Musharraf’s politics to justify his stay in power is one-liner, “if i go home, terrorists will come. so i have to stay.” Does this sound justified to you ? Chaos is the symptom of weak leadership. Musharraf may be a strong and brutal administrator but he lacks leadership capabilities. He is history’s weakest ever administrator. That is why there is so much chaos in the country.
I would like you to watch the short (24min) documentary, Missing in Pakistan available at my blog.
Independent Judiciary, Independent Pakistan!
Note: This reply is not completely my own write-up. Comments from various readers contributed to this reply.

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