Protest at Camp Jail, Lahore

Those arrested last night from Justice Siddiqui house were shifted overnight from Race Course Police Station to some unknown place and were presented at Cantt Katchehry this morning. MPO was slapped on them as a decission over there. Members of Students Action Committee, lawyers and members of civil society gathered at Camp Jail, Ferozpur road, Lahore at 1:00 PM to protest against the unjustified detention of 10 individuals. The crowd chanted the famous slogans which they have been slogannering in their previous protest. The emphasis was on ‘Hum Kya Chahtay Hain – Azadi, Hai Haq Hamara – Azadi, Hum Cheen k Lainge – Azadi, Tulba bhi mangain – Azadi, Wukla’ bhi mangain – Azadi, Sahafi mangain – Azadi‘. The peaceful protest continued for 2 hours when the police finally managed to get the crowd dispersed. It was informed that the ‘higher authorities’ have pressurised the police to continue the detention till Monday and then something would be done about it.

During the protest the students caught a guy who was suspected to from the agencies as he was seen capturing videos at every protest of SAC, Lahore. The battery of the camera of that guy was taken away by students which was later returned thinking when media is displaying live videos at every channel, what difference would his tape make ?

It was quite disappointing to see this small number os peopel coming out to protest. The SAC, Lahore had decided that in case someone from them gets arrested, all of them will present arrest to the cops in order to (1) put pressure on the Police and (2) thinking that this might mobilize people.

But they were very wrong at the second assumption. Not more than 5 new individuals joined them at protests at the cost of these two arrested. All others at the protest today and last night were the same old ‘revolutionaries’ seen at every protest.

Will people come out if all members of SAC get arrested ?

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