Protest at Race Course Police Station

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You must be well aware of what happened last night, around 10 individuals (including two members of FAST Rising) were arrested by Police from the residence of Justice Siddiqui around 10 PM. FYI, Justice Siddiqui is one of the judges of who refused to take oath under the PCO and the Government of Pakistan (read Pakistan Army) had ordered the evacuation of the residence three-four days back but the police was unable to do so as large number of people used to protest all night sitting in front of his house. The event happened last night when the same protest was in action at his residence.

Members of Students Action Committee, lawyers and Human Rights activists protested for the release of the detained individuals in front of Race Course Police Station till 3 AM where the arrested guys are detained. Slogan chattering continued for this period of 5 hours. Later it was decided to disperse and mobilize the people to be there for a mass protest at 8 AM in the morning. Those arrested are to be moved from the said jail at 11:30 AM, thus we would like to have a mass protest in the morning.

Everyone is requested to take some time out of your busy routines and be there at the Race Course Police Station, China Chowk at 8 AM. Bring placards.

This is to be made clear that those attendingthe protest tomorrow have not to agree to the idea of presenting mass arrest to the Police.
It is totally your choice. It is only the members of SAC who had decided to present mass arrest themselves in case someone from us gets arrested.

If not us, WHO ; If not now, WHEN ?
We will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. (Martin Luther King, jr)

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Some multimedia collection from the event.

Photo Gallery:
Protesting under the banners of Q-League in front of Thaana !

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