Update regarding Hunger Strike at Press Club, Lahore

The hunger strike camp at Lahore Press Club by the members of Students Action Committee to demand the release to their detained friends has been quite successful. The protesters have been able to put pressure on the authorities by the continued series of protests including this one . The hi-ups have promised to release the detained students by Monday.
We need to get them released immediately or to get some form of assurity from the Governor regading this. Lets continue pressurzing them. Join us at the Lahore Press Club, you will find us there throughout the night. Thanks to those who have been with us since 11 AM this morning.
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1st Protest for the ‘GOR10′ – soon after the arrest, 11 PM , 6th December, Race Course Police Station Protest
2nd Protest for the ‘GOR10′ – protests continue the next day, 7th December afternoon, Camp Jail Protest
a summarised account of events – a message from a friend of the detainess

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