Aitzaz Ahsan boycotts the sham elections !

President , Supreme Court Bar Association, Chaurdy Aitzaz Ahsan had filed his nomination papers to contest the upcoming elections from the platform of PPP. Few days back he sent a letter to the Bar Council outlining his strategy for the upcoming elections when being under house-arrest. In the letter he clearly mentioned a plan that in case major political parties do not boycott the elections, lawyers and others in support of independent Judiciary should contest the elections. To make his point he stated that the aim is independent judiciary and boycott of elections is feasible only if some of major parties boycott otherwise to achieve the objective one needs to get into assemblies and strive for their cause of restoration of independent judiciary. This letter is available here which definitely has some valid points.

Because of immense pressure from the Bar Council, Aitzaz Ahsan, who emerged as a national hero winning the case for restoration of CJ back this year, announced to boycott the elections. The official press release from his office regarding this is available here.

After this welcoming news, a protest was staged outside his home in Lahore activists of the US civil rights organization, ‘Code Pink’ which added colour to the campaign for the release of the lawyer.

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