Pakistan of 2008

We have barely managed to enter 2008 as a nation and the future looks so bleak that we are not sure whether there would be a Pakistan in 2009 or not.

Out of the last 6 hours, we have had electricity for only 1 hour. When I left home early in the morning, I was unable to have breakfast owing to lack of gas. This crisis is much bigger then any other political crisis going on. Industries are shutting down, businesses are suffering badly because of severe electricity, gas and even water shortage in certain areas.

How do we expect this country to progress when there is not even basic infrastructure working ?

The bigger problem is that the regime is not even thinking or planning about these problems as they are engulfed in a bitter battle to stay in power no matter what happens.

I can go on and on but to wrap it up: We are a nation without electricity, gas, water, basic civil rights, etc.


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