A new year !

A few hours back I witnessed the start of a new year at my roof-top when the crescent marked Muharram 1st. We have entered 1429 AH with bomb blasts, suicide attacks, murders, injustice, tyranny, dictatorship, instability, chaos, mismanagement, food-shortage, energy shortage but all this doesn’t matter – our GDP is progressing !

  • A single roti is being sold for Rs.18 in ParaChanar but why the hell people are crying, can’t they eat bread ?
  • Electricity is switched off for 10-12 hours a day but why do people disturb the peace coming out on streets to protest, cant they manage their own power generation plants ?
  • No day passes without the loss of tens of lives but why to worry, 160 million won’t consume in days !

I can’t understand why the stupid people come out there on roads, disrupt the flow of traffic and disturb the peace. Can’t they realize how well the President of Pakistan has dealt with this state post 9/11. It is only because of the efforts of this bold man that we stand proud today being called Pakistanis that our country has another new label, ‘Most dangerous country in the world‘. Has anyone in our history brought us such a global label ?

Only because of the enlightened and moderate understanding of Islam that this scholar had made Pakistan emerge as the ‘Homeland to Al-Qaeda and Islamic militants‘. Has this country ever had such a grace of being a homeland to such large scale multi-national organizations?

It goes to the credit of our beloved President that the nation of 160 million is as a whole emerging as an Army. Has there been any nation in the world this much courageous to attack on Army, Police and Security Forces – even on their barracks and bases. Because of him we have been labeled ‘Urban guerrilla fighter nation‘.

When it comes to human-resource-development, this intellect and visionary has been exceptional at producing a class of people who would die and even make hundreds others die for their idea. It would be injustice if I don’t praise Mr.President for gifting the nation with this phenomena of suicide bombing. This addition to the skills of our human resources is indeed unique and will let Pakistanis avail huge opportunities in this discipline globally. We are by far ‘The best suicide bomber producing nation‘ and probably the only one !

I am out of words when it comes to our economic development. Can you name a single country in the world where people have to line-up and shout for days to get flour, double the original price ? obviously NO ! But our progressive economy is in a state that the demand has gone way beyond our supply lines. Because of the economic maturity of this great man, the nation is so rich that everyone can afford to buy flour (can you imagine, everyone !!), the demand has gone tower-high. Hats off to our Mushy uncle for making this happen !

Way to go Pakis – Rock on 1429 !


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