Resistance continues ….

With the removal of the pre 3rd November judiciary, there is, currently, a total lack of accountability of the ESTABLISHMENT which has:

  • Shown no regard for our fundamental rights
  • Proved highly inefficient in providing us with even the most basic necessities like Flour, Electricity and Gas
  • Illegally detained and tortured countless fellow students and citizens
  • Allowed armed pseudo-student bodies to control academic activities in major universities while suppressing student unions
  • Failed to meet projected economic growth & development targets
  • Failed to provide adequate security for our lives and property
  • Installed a puppet Judiciary
  • Curbed the freedom of the media
  • Resorted to false propaganda to clarify its position
  • No credibility to hold free, fair and transparent elections

Gather on Saturday, the 2nd of February and stand loud and strong at NassirBaagh at 2 pm to peacefully voice our collective concerns.

The Student Action Committee


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