Pervez Musharraf ‘will exit in days, not months’

Pervez Musharraf is considering stepping down as president of Pakistan rather than waiting to be forced out by his victorious opponents, aides have told The Sunday Telegraph.

One close confidante said that the president believed he had run out of options after three of the main parties who triumphed in last week’s poll announced they would form a coalition government together, and also pledged to reinstate the country’s chief justice and 60 other judges sacked by Mr Musharraf in November. <more>

This is indeed a vital chance for yet another dictator to leave with some dignity. This nation had had enough dictators and none of them left transferring the power peacefully. This is the time for Mush to leave and let the winning parties form a government. Though Mr. President has the strength of 58-2-B, the amendment in the constitution which allows him to dissolve the national assembly, I personally think he won’t be this senseless to utilize it at this time. Thus, before the national assembly tries to impeach him, here is a chance for him to sneak out of the back door !

Go Musharraf Go !

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