On Nasim Zehra’s , Question after Lahore !

Within 48 hours of the signing of the Murree Declaration between Pakistan’s two leading political parties, we yet again have been hit by the magnitude of the internal security challenge we collectively face. The fifth round of post-election suicide bombing attacks has hit Lahore. Over 25 more of our precious Pakistani people have died and many more precious ones from the badly injured too will go. Beginning with the endless spate of 2007 suicide attacks Pakistan is now regularly bathed in blood. There is no redline left to cross now for those who mastermind and execute these attacks. Killing knows no limit and death-planners have completely drained themselves of all sensitivity.<Read More>

Zehra is a very mature political analyst but she always leaves the decision onto the readers. Zehra just provides some hints to the answer for the questions presented. Similar is the case with this write up, she has not blamed one single person but pointers are there. As she writes,

“Also in a society until recently so divided many ways – the presidency versus Opposition politicians, the presidency versus the lawyers, the security agencies versus the militant groups in the tribal areas and beyond, the army versus the Baluch national groups, the armed talibaan versus security agencies- the range of possible suspects is wide and nebulous. “

Excerpts from the above with my additions in brackets:

  1. the presidency (just retired Army General) versus Opposition politicians
  2. the presidency (just retired Army General) versus the lawyers
  3. the security agencies (which are secretly being lead by the Army and are observed under no court of law) versus the militant groups
  4. the army versus the Baluch national groups
  5. the armed talibaan versus security agencies (which are secretly being lead by the Army and are observed under no court of law)

Armed forces are opposing every other faction of the society. It’s quite obvious that the reason for the divisions in the society is the role of Armed forces in national affairs and politics.

Further, she adds the following:

  1. “One we took a U-turn on the Afghanisatn policy. It was a U-turn , one that was taken without taking the people along” – Responsible: Gen. Zia-ul-Haq, yet another Army General
  2. “Three we joined the US war on terror without a strategy of where we will set the limits, how we would protect Pakistani lives, dignity and rights” – Responsible: Gen. Pervez Musharraf, illegal President
  3. “Four instead of getting out of the ‘firing line’ of the US we actually brought fire into our own home by allowing US access to bases and to our airspace.” – Responsible: Gen. Pervez Musharraf, illegal President

The nation knows how the armed forces have been damaging the national politics throughout our history. One after another General has blotted the face of the nation by imposing his own style of rule of law with oppression. As in 1971, following the Dhaka debacle, the nation hated its own saviors – the Army. We are again facing the same situation. We had a Bhutto that time who brought the dignity back to the armed forces but what now? We don’t have any leader of the same stature to change the mindset of the people.

Its hi time that the sick Army Generals learn themselves that the nation just want them to defend their borders and give a damn about what’s happening inside, its none of their business. They have to earn their respect now themselves. The nation is sick of the statements “mulk nazuk tareen halaat se guzar raha tha, khazana khaali tha, sayasat dan corrupt that, androoni khatraat thay, beroni hamloon ka khatra tha, Pakistan aik Failed state ban-nay wala that, mere liye ye na guzeer ho gaya tha k me fouj ke zareye Pakistan ka intizaam sambhallon… par me vaada karta hoon k jald se jald election karvao ga.” Such lame excuses are not expected to work any longer.

Pakistan belongs to Pakistanis and not to the hated Generals. I am quite sure the wave of terrorism will fade as soon as Musharraf quits. The war-on-terror is definitely not our war. Our men are fighting America’s war with our resources, on our land, against our very own people! Why shouldn’t we expect them to react?

All we need is a pure democratic Governance observed under an independent Judiciary, rule of law and supremacy of Constitution. Only and Independent Judiciary can shelter a democratic process in Pakistan. We had democracy in Pakistan earlier as well but under dummy Judiciary. Only an independent Judiciary, which has the courage to stand against civil or military dictators, can assure a pure democratic Pakistan.

Kufr ka nizaam chal sakta hay par na-insaafi ka nizaam nahe chal sakta” – Hazrat Ali

Independent Judiciary + Democratic Pakistan –> Supremacy of Constitution and Rule of Law –> Progressive Pakistan!


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