The March 23rd of 2008

All India Muslim League used to hold their annual session to discuss the issues of Muslims of the subcontinent from the start of the 20th century. It was 22-24 March 1940 that the destination for the struggle of Muslims of the subcontinent was set by the name of Pakistan Resolution in one of those sessions. It was only after a short span of 7 years after 1940, that the since visualized state for the Muslims of sub-continent emerged on the map of the world as Pakistan.

Since the inception of Pakistan, 23 March has been celebrated across the country as Pakistan Day. National flag is hoisted at official buildings, cars, residences etc. Guard of honor is presented at Mizar-e-Quaid (mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah) while the TV channels play national songs or debates related to this resolution. But is that all we should do?

Doesn’t the reddish landscape of the city on every 14th of the February makes you wonder why not Green on this day what we call ‘Pakistan Day’?

Other than the so-called celebration by the Government of Pakistan, we, the people of Pakistan are not free enough to even wish the fellow citizens by sending a text message or an email. Does it take more time than sending a fahash (pornographic) text message which we send to everyone listed on our cell phone?

Hold on! – I am aware of your criticism ‘what difference it will make‘. To me, Symbolism is not the essence of patriotism and nationalism but this is the least the busy Pakistani nation can do.

I am compelled to say “Pakistan tareekh k nazuk tareen wakt se guzar raha hay”[Pakistan is going through turmoil]. In such times the commemoration of the Pakistan day is perhaps more vital, rather I would say is inevitable. Not just symbolism of wearing green, playing national songs or hoisting a Pakistan flag at your house, but something for Pakistan and Pakistanis becomes a must.

A few concerned Pakistanis with the passion of bringing about a change in Pakistan went beyond symbolism on this 23rd March. Their commemoration was to lend support to those Pakistanis whose loved ones are missing for nothing. For those old mothers and young sisters who wait bare-footed on this land of Pakistan under open sky, with wet eyes, they weep, they cry, they call for help, they demand justice!

Those 250 Pakistanis who joined in this commemoration to feel the despair of the effected families left with hope re-awaken, optimism shined, courage shaken, humanitarianism re-born and nationalism jolted in them.

When I was still over-whelmed with my optimism and nationalism, what happened the very next day in the capital city has left passion in me which will last for years to come. In the first session of the National Assembly of Pakistan, soon after the announcement of the new Prime Minister’s name by the speaker, the sounds which reverberated in that hall echoed in my body as well. I can still feel it!The year-old famous street slogan ‘Go Musharraf Go’ which has become national slogan of resistance (when there can be national game, national song, so and so, why not national slogan) was chanted by the Parliamentarians. The parliamentarians, representatives of the people as we call them, shouted the voice of the people in the house of the people! To me, this was perhaps the most heart warming time of my life. This display of the power of the people must have hit hard the ear drums of the illegal President Musharraf.

The executive order issues by the new Prime Minister in his very first speech in NA to immediately release all illegally deposed judges is indeed inline with the wishes of the people. The nation frazzled under suicide attacks and ruthless dictatorship is frantic for a change.

After 68 years of the momentous Pakistan Resolution, we are on the path to a new Pakistan – a Pakistan where justice prevails.

Be a part of this journey to the new Pakistan – Let’s Rise!

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