humiliation … Musharraf ? … Not Applicable

April 4th, 1979: A fox-look-alike military dictator hangs the country’s ever popular leader, the first elected Prime Minister, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto which was later labeled as ‘Judicial Murder’.

March 23rd, 2007: Yet another military dictator, the illegal President of Pakistan, Musharraf, recalls Bhutto in his auto-biography ‘In the Line of Fire’ as “hypocrite and the worst ruler Pakistan has ever had” and “a fascist dictator”.

March 25th, 2008: At the Aiwan-e-Sadar (President residency) , the oath taking ceremony of the newly elected Prime Minister was not attended by any of the senior leaders of the coalition parties to symbolize their discontent with Musharraf. A moment after the oath was taken, the two word slogan Gee-ay Bhutto (Long Live Bhutto) echoing in the hall must have shaken the walls of the hall. The hypocrite, worst ruler of Pakistan, the fascist dictator’s name resounding in that hall should have been enough humiliation for the self-proclaimed leader, the (illegal) President Musharraf !

…. but humiliation ….. Musharraf ? Not Applicable !

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