Older Ale, Newer ALE-Xpressed

ALE-Xpressed is an important part of my life. It lets me express my self – freely, without restrictions, however and whatever I feel like.

The matter in the head of a person like me, who is extremely emotional, sensitive, romantic and nationalistic (as I perceive myself), is occupied overwhelmingly with random thoughts. They create an indefinable haze of ideas, concerns, problems and solutions. This haze keeps me disturbing until it is burped out of my mind. Unfortunately, I am not good when it comes to expressing what I am feeling. My tongue has always surrendered to the immeasurability of the thoughts in my mind but my pen goes a step beyond, no matter how immature it writes. I can recall translating that haze of thoughts from my mind onto sheets of white paper for years, but I can’t really recall where those corroded, tarnished sheets are now! It was then I though of having a blog and ALE-Xpressed is the outcome. It has helped me since then to convert that haze into a spider-web like structure of connected, well formulated and presentable ideas. This makes me feel good – and better when I see people connecting to this structure presented at ALE-Xpressed. I love my blog for being my support in expressing myself independently!

Now that you know my love for my blog, its obvious I want it look good. Everybody wants, whatever he loves to look good – kyoon lovers ? :p For that reason, I decided to give it a new look on a special day. When I was turning old, I wanted my blog to look young and new. For this very reason, I designed this new layout for my blog on my 24th birthday this April – Older ALE, Newer ALE-Xpressed !

…and by the way, the image on the top is a fantastic display of art-work by my co-workers at my desk before I moved in and put my laptop there. It was great to get this surprise on my birthday, much more than the treat they throw later in the evening.


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