Zard-Aari chopping the nation !

Axe – A heavy chopping implement with a symmetric working edge that is hafted in a handle, used to usually chop wood. [Dictionary definition]

PPP promised the nation to restore the judges deposed by Musharraf on November 3,2007 within 30 days of the formation of federal Government as per Murree declaration. The nation applauded this documented and signed promise of PPP and anxiously waited for these 30 days. During this time a false propaganda was launched to weaken the lawyer’s movement and to defame the image in the general public which could not work. PPP offered various options like Minus-One (restoration of judges except the CJP) and Minus-Two (reducing the tenure of judges by 2 years) which were not accepted by PMLN, the other coalition partner. PPP co-chairman has been trying to somehow come up with a strategy to give him a safe passage from the judiciary which is to be restored. He has been mentioning lame excuses to halt the process of restoration of Judiciary which is obvious from his statements on the media.

Transcript of Part of Owen Bennett-Jones’s interview of the co-chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party, Asif Zardari [Watch Video]

Zardari: All of them have played politics. Iftikhar Chaudhry had played politics before, and he’s playing politics even now. And we’re going to restore the judiciary.

Interviewer: Will you restore him?

Zardari: Hopefully. It’s part of it.

Interviewer: Hopefully?

Zardari: Yeah, it depends on the parliament. Not me, I cannot restore or not restore anybody else.
Interviewer: Well, you said… I mean, Nawaz Sharif, the other big political leader is absolutely committed to the restoration of this man.

Zardari: Why do you think I’m not?

Interviewer: Because you’ve just told me it’s not up to you when it is up to you. If you ask the parliament to do this, it will happen tomorrow. It can happen in half an hour.

Zardari: No it cannot happen in half an hour. Even if Mr. Sharif wants it, it can’t happen in half an hour.

Interviewer: Why not?

Zardari: There has to be a consensus in the parliament, right? For that there has to be a bill drafted which is being drafted today and its being looked at. I have come to power, People’s Party has come to power, we have lost our leader to politics; the fourth leader we’re losing to politics! We intend to change the system. I’m not interested in restoring only the judges, I’m interested in restoring the judiciary, the rule of law, the majesty of law, so that no other Asif Zardari stays in prison under trial for eight years and Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry does not say: “I have not read the case so I cannot hear the case.” That was my last case. What was the case? A BMW case. Less duty has been paid. The law of the land is: if duty is unpaid, you take the car, you don’t take the man! In that case I was languishing in prison for two years and I went to Chaudhry Iftikhar five times. So we do not allow the judiciary again to do that. The judiciary is on record. They have killed my father-in-law. They admit their judicious murder!

Interviewer: If I can say so, your whole demeanor has just changed in the last minutes. You’re angry, and it seems to me that you’re angry with this man, this chief justice. (Zardari interrupts: No!) And well, the difficulty of course is that the vast bulk of Pakistan wants this man restored to office.

Zardari: Ok, let me correct you. I’m not angry. If I’m not angry with the people I’m sitting in politics with, who I have marks on my body of.

Interviewer: You’re referring to the fact that many of your coalition partners played a role in putting you in prison. I mean, that’s true!

Zardari: I was the prisoner of Mr. Musharraf for five years. So if I’m not angry at them, if I haven’t asked for the death sentence for the killing of my wife, I don’t believe in anger. It’s a wasted energy.

Interviewer: Ok, but nonetheless, you’ve just been very critical of a man who…

Zardari: No no, not a man, but (of) the system.

Interviewer: Would you feel comfortable with this man as Chief Justice again?

Zardari: You will feel comfortable. Pakistan will feel comfortable with the new laws that the parliament brings in, the package that I bring in. It will be to strengthen the judiciary so that they can do justice and not politics.

Interviewer: And as part of that, will Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry be restored?

Zardari: I think so.

Apart this, during Dr Shahid Masood’s Meray Mutabik, when he was asked about the stance of PPP on Dr. A.Q.Khan, he blatantly said ‘na hum ne unko pakra hay na azad karna hay. He was arrested by the President during the last Government and not by the PPP.’ Do we need to tell Mr. 10% that its his party is ruling now and its for them to release him or not !

When only 3 days were left in the deadline for the restoration of Judiciary, Zardari left the country and headed to Dubai on a personal visit. The seriousness of this man for this issue is very much obvious! PMLN leadership went to Dubai to discuss the matter but returned indecisive today when only one day is left. They have announced that they might back off from the coalition resigning from the ministries tomorrow evening, if the issue is not resolved by then.

Isn’t Zardari a
cting like an Aari , chopping the nation?

You read the dictionary definition of axe at the top. Here is the modern version:

Axe [Aari] – An ugly chopping instrument with a sharp edge and treacherous look that is hafted in a large political party, always used to chop people. Example: Zard-Aari of PPP


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