apnay waaday yaad karo

Murree Declaration – Clause 2: This has been decided in today’s summit between the PPP and the PML (N) that the deposed judges would be restored, on the position as they were on November 2, 2007, within 30 days of the formation of the federal government through a parliamentary resolution.

A documented, signed promise of the PPP and PMLN.

The federal government was formed on 30th March 2008 and thus the deadline for restoration of Judiciary as promised by the said parties was 30th April. The lawyers, civil society, students and political / human-rights activists appreciated and applauded the coalition partners for taking up this solid stance on the cause of restoration of Judiciary. The activities of the lawyer’s movement were ceased to give the parliament the time and space they had asked for in Murree declaration. Hopes were set high by this promise but started to weaken as the countdown approached to an end.

Yesterday, when the deadline had expired FASTRising called for a protest rally to remind the rulers of the promise not fulfilled. Members of Civil society, Students, alumni and faculty of FAST-NU Lahore staged a demonstration at the campus gate around 2 PM today. The rally moved towards the PPP Secretariat in Faisal town. The main gate of the secretariat was shut and was locked from outside as the protesters reached there. None from the secretariat administration bothered to talk to the protesters.

The protesters chanted Pro-Judiciary and Anti-Musharraf slogans. They were holding placards of the same nature as well. Later, the protesters moved to the round-about of Faisal town and continued to chant slogans. The rally continued for 90 minutes and was covered by all local channels and papers.

Apnay vaaday yaad karo

Adlia ko Bahaal karo !

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