Empire strikes-back on the media !

All the channels and newspapers in the country have received a notice from the authorities saying they should not show the snapshot or news of any deposed judge before prior permission. Any talk shows or discussions on the Judicial crisis or the deposed judges have been banned.

The empire strikes back again on media attacking with full force trying to let the nation remain in darkness about the Judicial crisis. The notice was issues soon after the final talks between Zardari and Sharif failed in London over the restoration of Judiciary and PMLN was suspected to leave the coalition in the center.

Details (Source: Emergency Mailing List)

It’s a note from today’s news and Dr. Shahid is directly quoted to be threatened by Rehman Malik in presence of Zardari.

Kashif Abbasi of the ARY TV was sharing with this scribe the kind of pressures he was presently facing. Geo TV’s Dr Shahid Masood from Dubai explained as to why he focused on Rehman Malik in his popular programme ‘Meray Mutabiq’ on Saturday night. Dr Shahid said that during his last visit to Islamabad, he got a plain warning from Rehman Malik in the presence of Asif Ali Zardari.

“The situation is really scary,” he said, adding that Rehman Malik talked of his “punches” to respond to the “punches” of the media. Malik, he said, introduced himself as the establishment and the master of all the intelligence agencies. “Honestly, it was shocking for me,” Dr Shahid said, adding that Benazir Bhutto had done a lot to support the cause of the independent media, particularly after Nov 3, 2007 but things had now changed altogether.

Media is today the only pillar of the state that is still standing but under a serious threat. The other key pillar, the judiciary, was made to collapse on Nov 3, 2007 when General Musharraf carried out his coup against the institution. The new parliament is already is shambles and lacks confidence. The Executive is simply nowhere and is hostage to the status quo of the remnants of the past military regime.

May one ask the champions of democracy and the masters of our destiny on what grounds and basis do they intend to run the state. Can the state survive without these pillars? Have our leaders developed some innovative vision, alien to the world’s experiences, to run the country? Are we going to prove to the world that we actually are a banana republic? Enjoy your bananas.


Zardari is de-masking himself day by day, the real ugly traitor’s face is getting visible now. This reminds me of the days of emergency when Musharraf shut down all the channels.

Whats different ? What has changed in this new Pakistan of post 18 Feb 08 ?

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