Restore Judiciary: Protest at Governor House

FASTRising, SAC and YPL joined hands with the CCP in the demonstration in front of Governor House, Lahore on the Mall road , on Sunday, May 11th, 2008, protesting for the restoration of Judiciary.

Photo Source: Express News

It was good to see people showing up in good numbers. Heavy deployments of police were observed who formed a human-hand-chain around the protesters to resist any movement of protesters towards the road. This reminded of our human hand chain at Liberty back in December during days of emergency :) A fellow protester, who had recently joined us, courtesy the the daily vigil session at the PPP secretariat, told the cops “sir hum to homeopathic protest kartay hain, fikar na karain koi side effect nahe hoga

Video Coverage:

ProtestRestorationJudiciary-May11,08-Governor House,Lhr-[] from formanite10 on Vimeo.
The Prime Minister passed with VIP protocol waving hand at the protesters on his way to the state guest house. Probably, he was trying to tell us that he was with us, just the way his party has been deceiving the people on media :)

Pro Judiciary demonstration in Prime Minister’s way (Dawn News)

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