Celebrating Youm-e-Takbeer ?

Nuclear tests at Chaghi Hills

Nuclear tests at Chaghi Hills

28 May, 1998: Pakistan successfully tested its nuclear weapons at Chaghi hills in Baluchistan. The government promised the necessary follow-up measures for the people of the area to avoid any after-effects but did not fulfill the promise and hundreds, if not thousands, are known to be suffering for the effects of the nukes.

  • Was having nuclear weapons inevitable for Pakistan ?
  • Will we ever be able to come out of the myth of the security state and head towards a social welfare state ?

    These question tease me all the time but I could not find an answer. The anxiousness in me increases when I see thousands in this land of the pure deprived of education, health care facilities and needs as basic as food, shelter and even water !

    When we celebrate the bombs; they drink dirty rain water with the animals.

    Today, when we the people of Pakistan are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Youm-e-Takbeer , the burning question is :

    Are we celebrating at the cost of the 6 million Baloch citizens ?


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