ALE-Xpressed blocked in Pakistan

With sheer anger, I report that this blog is blocked for access in Pakistan since 3 PM, Saturday, May 31st, 2008. A few minutes later, I noticed FASTRising blog blocked as well while other blogs seemed to work. It was late in the night that I was informed about the blockage of the complete blogspot domain.

The outgoing SMS on my public number are blocked for a few months. An hour before the blog was blocked on Saturday , I received a blank call from ‘Unknown’ on my other cell phone which I disconnected. Later, I received a strange SMS, opening which restarted my phone. Later, I found that the SMS have been blocked on this phone as well, when I tried to inform a few friends about this.

I feel that the ban may have been provoked by a recent eye-opener post regarding FASTRising’s fact finding mission to Baluchistan that led to a lively, even heated, debate. One reason for this suspicion is that this entry was even cited by a prominent Baloch nationalist/separatist site,

The error message received when accessing or follows:

Trace available here

which is a bit different from the one received for other blogs, that follows:

The story has been reported in The News and Dawn of today.

Users can still use the free anonymous surfing services online like,, etc to access blocked blogs.

Speak up ! for your lips are yet free !


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