DHR demonstrates for the missing persons in Islamabad

I just received a report on the protest organized by the DHR for the missing persons in Islamabad. The email was sent by the DHR Office. I am putting up the report as it is:

DHR (Defence of Human Rights) Organized a protest on May 30th, 2008 under the leadership of Amina Janjua .It started 5.00 PM from Geo TV Building Islamabad and marched till ‘D’ chowk in front of the Presidency in Islamabad.There were hundreds of protesters belonging to various groups like political parties and different fractions of society joined together to raise a voice for one cause ;Illegal abductions,detentions and tortures committed to innocent civilians labeled without any proofs as suspects, all over the world.They are kept for years without the protection of all laws,tortured extremely for false confessions, their fundamental human rights being violated as guaranteed by UN charter for Human Rights and by all laws of the world.

Participation :Civil Society ,Professional Forum ,Legal fraternity, Jamaat-e-Islami , Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, Reprieve (legal US organization to fight cases of detention), Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, Awami Jamhuri Ittehad, Students of various Universities of Islamabad showed enthusiastic support and solidarity with all illegally detained honorable citizens and with countless families of Missing Persons gathered there from all over Pakistan.

From DHR Seminar f…

Speeches: The programme was conducted by DHR’s student coordinator K Asif form PTI. Student of Arid University Adnan offered Tilawat-e- Quran. Amina Janjua being the host welcomed the audience and thanked them for their staunch support.She put forward the purpose of this particular protest which was to demand from the Government and its Secret Agencies to immediately release all illegally abducted citizens of Pakistan and bring back all those handed over to the US ,rather sold to them by Musharraf Regime under Bush’s dictates. Hundreds of such valuable citizens now languish in Guantanamo Bay, Bagraam ,Abu ghraib, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and in remote islands living under serious threats of life and health.It is an SOS call to the Government to solve this issue on emergency and priority bases considering the desperations and agonies of families of detainees.Jameel Abbasee expressed his views on behalf of PTI showing solidarity with the families and saying that they have already conrtibuted their share in the lawyers movement and will be a very important part of the Long March starting from 9th of June 08.Another very strong and enthusiastic voice of PTI was Chaudhry Ejaz who participated from Lahore. Zachary Ketznelson a US based legal Director of Reprieve organization for the release of Gauntanamo Prisoners , told his experience of meeting Saifullah Paracha in Gauntanamo as his lawyer.He told hundereds of innocent citizens of Pakistan were sold to US by Musharraf and now they are beyond the protection of all laws and legal access.This new Government must raise a voice for the release of all prisoners detained any where in the world including those in Gauntanamo Bay.Sayyed Bilal JI president of Islamabad joined the rally with many many workers ,and stressed the need of earlist possible release of all loved ones .Shah Abdulaziz ex MNA of JUI came to attend this rally from Kohat along with many supporters , in strongest words he condemned the U S dictates and policies of H R violations for Pakistanis and averted role of our own Army to appease the foreign Agendas of U S.He also prayed earnestly for the release of all loved ones from the clutches of both local and foreign Agencies.

Students dressed up as Gauntanamo Prisoners on a Float wearing orange jumpsuits and black hoods on their heads were a very sensitizing and eye catching part of the protest captured by over crowded cameras of media. Families ,especially women and children were upset many of them crying aloud at this torturing sight .One of the brave and daring students also portrayed as a dieing victim prisoner and attracted the maximum focus.The bold show was just to make the Government realize its responsibilities and role to urge the U S for the release of our honorable citizens which are constantly being forgotten for long.

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