‘Maro, kafir ko maro’ – kab tak ?

We are starting with this fundamental principle that we are all citizens and equal citizens of one state” said the father of the nation on August 11th, 1974 in a public speech. Was it Jinnah fooling the people or we, as a nation lack tolerance and respect for other citizens? It is claimed widely that Pakistan was achieved in the name of Islam, but, I ask, Do only the Muslims have rights over this land of the pure(?).
Jagdish, a citizen of Pakistan, guilty of being not a Muslim and unconfirmed blasphemy, was killed by an angry mob in Sindh recently. The police watched the show being silent spectators.

A police mobile from the Korangi station arrived at 12.30 p.m. to find the situation already out of control: angry workers had broken the iron gate of the security room, dragged Jagdish out and began beating him with heavy iron rods, hammers and scissors. Meanwhile, according to eyewitnesses, the police, factory administration and security guards remained silent spectators throughout.

Unfortunately, religious harmony in the country is fast disappearing, and intolerance in the shape of sectarian violence and religious differences is rearing its ugly head. Minority groups, who are already socially neglected and economically deprived, believe they have become vulnerable targets. Why has no one from among the political leadership spoken out against the atrocious crime committed on the premises of Nova Leather? Their silence is deafening.

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This was not the only disturbing news of the day for me. I found another one here, which reports that more than a dozen students of Punjab Medical College, belonging to Ahmediya community have been expelled by the administration. This decision was taken after a series of protests by the IJT who accused the expelled students of promoting their beliefs in the campus.

Are we, the Muslims, the majority of Pakistan, following the US policy of ‘Either you are with us or against us‘ for the other citizens of this land?

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