Lahore choked !

I just returned from the rally which started from the Lahore airport. We received the CJP around 5:45 PM and I remained in the rally that followed his car till 8:30 PM. When I left, the rally had hardly traveled 1 KM from the airport exit. Lahore is completely choked, it took me around two and a half hours to get back home when normally it takes just half an hour. The path I followed was completely opposite to the route of the rally and had nothing to do with it – but, the city is choked, everywhere!

I returned almost fainted today after sloganeering and reporting for more than 6 hours under 48C with thousands. My energy level don’t permit me to keep multiple blogs updated. Wait for a detailed report on Long March after its over on ALE-Xpressed.

Observant readers might have noticed RSS feed based updates on the long march on the right. A group of activists, I am a part of which have created this blog PkLongMarch which will provide live updates from the long march. For the coming few days, I will be reporting on the said blog. Please keep checking for updates, videos and images that I take over there. Do checkout the videos, pictures and text updates of today’s rally of CJP reception at Lahore airport. The local TV channels are missing this great show.

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