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I noticed an anti-lawyers movement banner last week on my way to work which was quite interesting. I could not see any other of such around town, probabaly this was the only one there. I have been trying to capture that since then but could not for always being in a rush to work. Today, I managed to take a snapshot from quite a distance when I stopped on the signal. The picture is not clear, but still quite interesting.

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Reads: Bandar baant ho chuki, wukla drama band karain
awam ne 99.9% nayi hakumat ko sirf mehangai kay khilaaf vote dia lekhin mehangai kam nahe hui. wukla kul abadi ka sirf 0.00000000001% hain ….

I found a couple of more banners which catch my attention. Here are those:
The last one on the left reads: Asif Ali Zardaro aur Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani ki policiyon ko salaam.
Reads: badlay ga mulk ki taqdeer, sheikh rasheed, sheikh rasheed
Awam kay masayal ka hal, sheikh rasheed kay sang !
Ironical ! I thought he would limit his predictions and the sufi-baba image just to TV, but he is brininging it out loud. In a few years, we might see his ads in 2-rupee afternoon paper saying:

Aamal Naagi Baba Sheikh Rasheed Alhaaj Chisti Qadri
har mushkil ka hal
taqdeer badal daingay !

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