FASTRising and YPL’s Project ROTI

FASTRising and YPL activists distributed flour bags to the workers of a brick kiln in the outskirts of Lahore yesterday. They purchased fifty 20KG flour bags from Metro and took them right over to a brick kiln for distribution in the afternoon. One of the accountants there helped make a list of most deserving workers who were then called in to take their flour bag. Following are a few snapshots of the activity termed Project ROTI by the organizers. Complete photo album can be viewed here.

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Buying flour at Metro, Lahore
Loading the flour bags onto the pick-up van at Metro, Lahore
The distribution starts
One of the brick kiln workers (manager?) helping do the distribution

For those who wish to be a part of Project ROTI or want to execute a similar plan, please write to for more information.

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