CJP arrives Lahore


I could not take better pictures for not getting any chance to have good enough space and for the reason that the cops were not allowing to move to a better place for shooting pictures.
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Just gained an energy boost after having heavy meals and red bull. I present the exclusive videos of the CJP’s reception at Lahore. A historic event indeed. Please bear with the poor video quality and the moving frames – this was the best possible in such circumstances. I wish I had a HD camera.

Before CJ’s arrival – [ale-xpressed.blogspot.com] from formanite10 on Vimeo.

ready for reception of the CJP – [ale-xpressed.blogspot.com] from formanite10 on Vimeo.

CJP arrives the Lahore airport – [ale-xpressed.blogspot.com] from formanite10 on Vimeo.

Rally at Lahore Airport Exit – [ale-xpressed.blogspot.com] from formanite10 on Vimeo.

Errr… I am tired of copy pasting . Please read the live commentary on the CJP’s arrival in Lahore and the rally that followed at PkLongMarch.blogspot.com. I have been updating that minute by minute today. To sum up, it was the biggest rally I had ever seen in my life. At the airport exit I could see people, cars and flags to the farthest reach of my eyes. Thousands of people. Shouting, sloganeering, revolutionary music, dhools, enthusiasm, sheer anger and what not – real Lahori welcome to the CJP. The city was choked after the massive rally which reached the destination around 2 AM in the night taking more than 8 hours when normally it takes well less than an hour.

Signing off to get a quick nap before the final battle begins !

Chalo Chalo Islamabad Chalo !

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