10 reasons to hate WaridTel

I can recall I got my first cell phone back in 2002. It was a Nokia 3310 😀 with a UFone connection for which I had to pay 2500 PKR 😛 After a few months of use, I shifted to Mobilink for poor network quality of UFone and used it for a couple of years. It was in 2005 when I shifted to Warid for its amazingly low call rates, good coverage and better sound quality. I have been using Warid since then, it’s been more than three years. I liked Warid when I got it, I loved it when I used it and it became a cult for me in the year that followed. I shifted to Warid PostPaid when I graduated and got a job 😛 and it was then that I started to detest it…. And now, I just hate it.
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You may wonder, why I would hate it when it is third largest operator in the country with 17% market share. In one sentence, I hate them because they don’t care. Here are a few reasons why I loathe WaridTel.

Outgoing calls are blocked on 90% usage of credit limit

Outgoing calls are blocked on your number when you have used 90% of your credit limit. I could not understand why the hell they need to do this when I still have 10% of my credit limit still in account. Moreover, with that 10% of the credit still in your account, if you fail to recharge your account in a week, incoming calls are blocked as well and the callers get the cute reply “apka matlooba number kisi kay istemaal me nahee.

Billing Systems that don’t take the money you are willing to pay

Warid is worst when it comes to billing systems. You have the option to pay the bills through:

  1. Warid website using any credit cards – never worked !
  2. Walk into a franchise to pay the bill – most of the times you get to hear “sir, system down hay, ba’ad me pata kar lain”
  3. Alfalah Credit cards by calling Alfalah helpline – This is the worst option. Imagine your Warid service is blocked when you’ve used 90% of your credit limit, you call the bank to pay your bill by Alfalah credit card and they say “sir, mazrat ke saath hum apka bill wasool nahe kar saktay, apko apne warid number se call karna hogee

You feel like killing yourself – your service is blocked when you haven’t even used your entire credit limit, you want to pay, but they can’t take your money and make you suffer staying unconnected. Bizarre!

Customer Support that sucks
The only reason I shifted from Warid PrePaid to PostPaid was to have an easy access to the helpline. Majority of the prepaid customers had no access to the helpline for the priority given to the postpaid customers, until June 2008 when they started charging the calls to the helpline which lowered the burden allowing prepaid customers to get in touch with the agents. I never liked the priority given to the post paid customers especially when a pre-paid customer can be a more regular customer paying more amounts of bills.

It’s good that now every subscriber, whether post paid or prepaid has an access to the helpline but problems with Warid customer support remain. Once you are in touch with an agent, it’s time to absorb the absolute stupidity and illogical arguments of the agents. The only solution they have to each and every problem of yours is “sir, apki complaint forward kar di gayee hay, 48  hours me apka masla hal ho jayega [aur tab tak takhliyaa]” No matter you are dying to make calls or receive calls, they just don’t care and give you the same pathetic statement robotically. They were never able to explain to me why do they need an electricity bill to verify my address when they were provided a telephone bill.

Facilities for post paid that don’t exist at all
Postpaid customers are assumed to be executive users of a network and are expected to get benefits and advantages over the pre paid ones. I am sick of getting the messages saying Zem It ! all the time. How the hell can I Zem It when I am a post paid subscriber. I could hardly notice any cool package for calls or SMS targeted specifically for the postpaid subscribers rather most of the packages are only for the prepaid users.

Warid spams a lot
Yes, that’s true, they care for you so much that they have solutions for your boredom and loneliness. They do their best to keep your Inbox screaming all the times “No space for new messages”. I am getting 4-5 messages daily advertising the stupid Zem It campaigns.

International calling in post paid which is a costly dream
Can you imagine a prepaid customer can make international calls with 10 rupees easy loaded into its account while a post paid subscriber can’t do so even if he/she has paid 3000 as security deposit? Ridiculous! They expect you to pay an extra 2000 PKR security deposit to allow you to make international calls or send text messages.

Slow GPRS that reminds you of “10 rupay me 5 ghantay” wali ISP
I have used the GPRS of every mobile operator available in Pakistan and I’ve found Telenor to be the best at it. Warid simply sucks ! You pay Rs. 1.27/64 KB and you get annoyingly slow internet. All other networks are offering 15 PKR / MB with much better speed.

Call and SMS rates too high
One of the reasons for the success of Warid was its low call rates as compared to the Mobilink – their rival in the then monopolistic telecom industry of Pakistan. Now, when we have a competitive industry, Warid is still charging almost the same rates that they introduced 3 years back. This has made them lose the market share to Telenor who have occupied 16% of the market share. When you can get 10,000 SMS for 90 PKR on Telenor, you get 2000 on Warid for paying 165 PKR !

Customer Care that is in the TVs, billboards, papers and magazines only
The worst thing about Warid is the way they treat the customers. “We Care” is just a marketing slogan, in reality they don’t give a shit to the customer. I have some very bad experiences with them in this regard. I had a Warid prepaid SIM which I used time to time, as per need. I was shocked to know that my number has been issued to someone else when I did not use the number for three months. This is interesting to note that as per their policy, the SIM remains valid for a period of one year even if its not in use and after that they can re-assign it to someone else. My number was issued to someone else without even notifying me. They really care, but for the leads not for the existing customers !

Warid is a cancer in the telecom industry, and as you very well know, “cancer la-ilaaj hay” so be careful and remember  “ehtiyaat wahid elaaj hay” 😀


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