Sasta Tandoor

‘Sasta Tandoor’

by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, welfare wing, Lahore

Sasta Tandoor launched in Lahore by PTI

Sasta Tandoor launched in Lahore by PTI

“Inflation has broken the back of the common person and those sitting in parliament cannot seem to find the time to help the poor. Tandoor like these will be opened across Pakistan to show that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is committed to help fight the dreadful effects of inflation.” said the Chairman. <Read More>

Some facts about ‘Sasta tandoor’ at Duben pura, Kharak, Multan Road

1. Roti price is 2 Rs, Naan price is 3 Rs (Daily roti sale = 1300-1500, naan sale = 1800 – 2000). About 4.5-5 bags of flour are consumed daily (each weighing 85kg)

2. The guy running the hotel went out of the business a few months ago when wheat prices swelled. He tried to reduce the roti size but still no avail and then he closed the business and started daal/chawal business instead. He was recently contacted by PTI welfare wing and they struck the deal of this ‘subsidized’ tandoor with him.

3. PTI welfare wing is responsible for

a. buying the flour

b. paying the utility bills

c. paying the salaries of 2 guys working on the shop

d. subsiding the roti and naan prices

4. The project is initially here for 6 months and depending upon the state of funds available after 6 months, it will be decided whether to continue this or not.

Best part

A PPP worker has visited the tandoor and PPP might open similar tandoors very soon!!

(The facts stated above have been collected after a visit to the tandoor and talking to a worker there. They should not be considered the official version of PTI regarding this. Please mail for details of this project)

Pictures of the locality

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Appeal for Funds

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