Going beyond Ravi

I follow the principle of ‘no work in Ramazan’ :) and I can recall I have been following this for years and years. I just can’t work when I am hungry. My colleagues would well understand this for they know my drawers at work serve as a tuck-shop when the cafeteria in office is out of stock 😀 For this reason and for my bad tamper and mood swings, I have not been blogging for a few days. Today, bored at work, I was looking at the photos at my gallery that I found this album.

One fine morning, we, the Balochistan gang went out for an early morning trip to the Ravi to see “ravi in flood”. It was indeed a great experience roaming around the bank of the river in dark when the sun was about to set. Seeing the sun rising behind the old Ravi bridge was a worth watching scene. We boated to the Baaradarri built in the centre of the river on a not too big  land-mass. As usual, an end was marked to the trip when we had breakfast of Halwa puri at a dhaaba in Ichraa.

Checkout some very interesting pictures of the trip !

DSC00091.JPG DSC00090.JPG DSC00101.JPG
DSC00104.JPG DSC00084.JPG DSC00082.JPG

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