Balochistan EarthQuake Relief Efforts

Following the disastrous earthquake which hit the Balochistan province of Pakistan, various organizations started relief activities for the victims. PTI has been collecting funds across the country to help the quake victims. They have organized relief camps to collect donations in the form of cash and/or other things of daily use. A similar camp was setup by young workers of PTI and a few volunteers from other organizations at the entrance of Race Course Park, Lahore.

They have been collecting funds here for the last two days and were able to collect a handsome amount of money. I happened to visit the camp yesterday and the day before for a few hours and I must appreciate the way these guys have been working hard to help the victims. Shouting in the megaphone continuously when the other volunteers were busy asking for funds at the traffic signal looked like a tough job to do.

Amanullah Kariapper, one of the volunteers at the camp wrote:

Yesterday, collections were slow until Zubair came up with the idea of scrounging out a few cartons (one of the few advantages of our littering habit), sticking on chart paper with a message such as “donate to fund for Balochistan earthquake victims”, and then going up and down traffic lanes when the signal turned red.

If you’re in Lahore and are interested in contributing concretely, you can contact Muhammad Raza (0333-4126816), Zubair Niazi (0321-8400787) or Maryam Kanwar (0346-5084265) to find out when and where to volunteer.

Here are a few snapshots of the camp:

Sending Monetary donations from Pakistan

In case you wish to send monetary donations for the victims, you may deposit the funds in any of the accounts mentioned here under:

Bank Account Information of IDSP:


Account Number: 02900014

Bank: Bank Alfalah Ltd.

Branch: Double Road Branch, Quetta

Code: 0170

Bank Account Information of Mr. Ali Kakar:

Account Name: Ali Ahmed Kakar

Account Number: 68735

Bank: MCB

Branch: Jinnah Road, Quetta

Sending Monetary donations from abroad

If you’re abroad and wish to donate some money for the cause, you may wire transfer the funds in the USD account mentioned below:

Account Number: 01800872 (Complete Account Number with Branch code , 0039-01800872 )
Beneficiary Name: Mr. Syed Ali Natiq Mashhadi
Beneficiary Address: 371-A, Revenue Employees Co-Op Housing Society (RECHS) , Lahore
Beneficiary Bank Identifier (Swift): ALFHPKKATSL
Beneficiary Bank Name: Bank Alfalah Limited Township Branch Lahore Pakistan
Beneficiary Bank Address: 47-B/1, Block 10, Akber Chowk, Township, Lahore, Pakistan (
Branch Code: 0039

Please advice and pay to Citi Bank N.A. New York USA for Credit to Bank Alfalah Limited Karachi Pakisatan Account # 36087144 with them for onward credit to Account # 0039-01800872 of Mr. Syed Ali Natiq Mashhadi with Bank Alfalah Limited Township Branch Lahore Pakistan.

ABA# 021000089 New York

You may use Western Union online money transfer service to send the funds to Pakistan, this will save 30 USD that one has to pay as the wire transfer fee. To do so, use the under mentioned information:

Receiver: Syed Ali Natiq

City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

NIC: 35101-2515962-9

Phone: 0092-321-4572707

Donating other stuff (medicines, clothing,edibles)

You may also donate dry food, warm clothing, tents and medicines (anti biotics, pain killers, multi vitamins, anti depressants). Please contact Halima at to do so. She and a few friends of her at BNU are sending such stuff to the victims in Balochistan.

You may also help the victims through Muslim Aid, Zakat Foundation , Edhi Foundation ( Mr Islamul Haq Pirzada, Mobile: 0092 344 82 82 602, Office: 0092 81 26 72 401) or Islamic Relief WorldWide.

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