Askari Under-garments

I happened to visit Rawalpindi with friends a couple of days back. This was my first visit or stay-in, to be precise, to the garrison city. Earlier, I had only passed through the city on my way to Taxila a few years back and then during the recent Long March.

Interesting and shocking observation: No matter where you are in the city and whatever the time be, there would be one thing which I am sure you will be able to see in the reach of your eyes, the word Askari -  either on tall buildings, on huge billboards, on traffic signals, on traffic signs and sometimes on trees. Every other traffic signal or sign board will have a new Askari product on display.

You name it and there you get to see it prefixed with Askari !

Askari - Its everywhere !

Askari – Its everywhere ! (Rawalpindi City)

Let me recall a few of the products that caught my attention and list them here:

  • Askari Bank – you must have seen lots of them around
  • Askari Leasing
  • Askari Insurance
  • Askaro Asscoaites
  • Askari Securities
  • Askari Cement
  • Askari Banaspati Ghee – Yep, now they even produce ghee to make sure they have “panchoo’n ghee main
  • Askari Shoes – Yes , its shoes :mrgreen:
  • Askari Information Systems
  • Askari Pharma – a friend who works as a Lieutenant told they are the only pharma company in Pakistan to produce Penagra (a local version of Viagra)
  • Askari Estate and Property
  • Askari Sugar Mills
  • Askari CNG
  • Askari Farms and Seeds – I guess its about “farm-houses” :twisted:
  • Askari Aviation – aviation reminds me of “jahaaz“, so this can be about drugs ? Any ideas ?
  • Askari Lubricants – for motors/machines ? Sorry, but they haven’t made it clear enough :razz:
  • Askari Guards – there was no photo so I am assuming they are talking about those used by cricketers
  • Askari Woolen Mills

I am reminded of :

bhookay reh gayay main tay tu

lutt kay lay gaya G.H.Q !

You’ve got a unique idea for a new product ?

Send your suggestions to I just sent mine for the launch of Askari Under garments !


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