Jamaat-e-Islami : Suicide bomber’s GodFather

Suicide bombing inspired by religio-political ideology of the Islamists is a nightmare for Pakistanis today. I am not sure if we are desensitized or are getting used to terror when I get the question “How many?” whenever an idiot blasts himself taking life of dozens.

The first thing to do is to make sure there is no public support for this heinous crime. To achieve this, probably the best way is to use religion, something Pakistanis will most readily accept. Influential religious scholars in the country have earlier denounced terror in the name of religion and suicide bombing specifically. Sarfaraz Naeemi, an eminent religious scholar of the country was killed by TTP after he denounced suicide bombing and called it un-Islamic in a conference in Islamabad.

In times like this, when dozens of innocents are killed on daily basis; when none knows if he will return home safe after work; when parents send their kids to school with wet eyes; when schools remain closed across the country for weeks; when mobility of women is targeted in markets and even universities, one can’t imagine there would be any support for criminals like these. A clear policy of condemning terror and bombing to take lives of innocents becomes inevitable and a very basic humanitarian need. It becomes more important to have such announcements from leading religious figures and religio-political parties.

The Government of Pakistan seems helpless in these times and has resorted to take help from religion, yet again. Minister for Interior, Rehman Mailk has been meeting religious scholars in the country to persuade them to issue fatwas (religious verdicts) condemning suicide bombing and terror in the name of God. Dr. Tahir ul Qadri, a religious scholar with a huge fan base in the country was probably the first one to respond to the call of the Government. Religious scholars from Shi’ite community have also held multiple conferences and condemned this.

To my utter disappointment, Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan’s most popular religio-political party has refused to declare suicide bombing and terror un-Islamic. The News reports:

Interior Minister Rehman Malik returned to the federal capital having failed to persuade Jamat-e-Islami (JI), the country’s principle religio-political party, to declare suicide bombing and acts of terrorism un-Islamic.

Sources in JI say that the party has neither declared suicide bombing as Haram or Halal, maintaining that it is an issue related purely to the people whose kith and kin were killed either by US drone attacks or by air strikes of the Pakistan military, adding that they have every right to react.

Every right to kill innocents ? Is there any limit to insanity ?

To satisfy your religiosity on the issue at hand, please watch the following video:

Ghamdi denounces suicide bombing and terror in the name of religion. “Muslims have no right to attack innocent civilians even if they are from the enemy. Attack on non-combatants is forbidden”, he says.

Although this didn’t shock me for I am well aware of the murky history of JI but still, I believed they will have some respect for human life. Every time an innocent becomes a victim of this terror, JI needs to be held accountable for siding with the criminals.

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