Pop Music takes on terrorism

Finally, a Pakistani musician condemns terrorism in the name of religion through his music.

Better late than never, they say. In a country like Pakistan with scarce opportunities for entertainment; Cricket and Music are probably the only modes of entertainment which are yet popular among the masses. Its not new in Pakistan to reach out the masses with your message through a form of art. Faiz, Jalib and NFAK have been using poetry and music for this purpose. Recently, LAAL with their debut album conveyed their Socialist message. Shehzad Roy took on the taboo of religion in Pakistan through his hit number titled Laga Reh few months back.

When Cricket is like cult for many Pakistanis; music, specifically Pop music is no different. It has a huge fan base in every age group. There is an opportunity to use these to convey the message of peace, love and compassion to the masses. These should be used to get the public support against terrorism and extremism.

Unfortunately, a few of the very popular Pop icons in the country have been chewing out conspiracy theories, in these crucial times and have fallen to the propaganda of ISI sponsored joker-cum-security-analyst Zaid Hamid. New York Times recently published a video story featuring Ali Azmat (former vocalist for “Pakistan’s first Sufi band” Junoon) and Ali Noor (Noori band) where they blamed America, India and Israeal for all the problems Pakistan is facing. Considering that they have a huge fan base in youth, it is expected of them to give an alternative and sane view point for the youth to follow instead of  idiotic gibberish. Ali Azmat specifically sounded a ZaidHamidist. Nothing surprising though. A man is known by the company he keeps, they say.

Ali Azmat hosts a monologu at AAG TV featuring Zaid Hamid.

Ali Azmat 'hosts' a 'monologue' at AAG TV featuring Zaid Hamid.

A recent episode of GEO TV’s popular show Capital Talk was focused on this very issue where Abrar-ul-Haq, Shehzad Roy and Ali Zafar, all famous for their excellent music, shared their opinion. All of them were of the opinion that there might be external factors involved but we have to accept that we have problems within us which we must solve. I must say that they sounded reluctant and did not say it out loud and clear. On the other hand, Ali Azmat, when called during the show termed the on-going turmoil in Pakistan a part of Operation Blue Tulsi, a ZaidHamidist interpretation yet again. “BlackWater, MOSAAD, RAW, CIA, America, Israeal and India are doing all this. Its an agenda of neo-cons“, he said.


Abrar-ul-Haq, a popular Bhangra singer, famous for his amusing lyrics has done the job. One of the tracks of his upcoming albums has been released.  The track titled ‘Yaad Khuda Di Kar Lay‘ specifically takes on suicide bombing. The artist is trying to give a message that suicide bombing in the name of religion is a heineous crime against humanity and killing innocents in the name of misinterpreted religion won’t get you any benefits here or in the hereafter.

The video narrates the story of a young boy who is brain-washed in a madressah by mullahs for their material gains. He is shown to be preparing for launching a suicidal attack but recalling his memories of the past and a brief thought process about the outcomes of this activity makes him change his mind. Here is the video, which I personally feel could have been made much better; but I am glad someone started it.

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