Band Palastar dhaaba ( ?? ????? )

Tired at work and fed-up of the so called “cyber-war”, it was a time for some fun. Good food helps but no fancy restaurant is my preference most of the times.

Lets explore dhaaba-delights of Lahore. Band Palastar ( ?? ?????  ) coming your way!

I Googled to see if there is anything about Band Palastar available online but closed down Google with disappointment. How can Lahori bloggers miss such cheap and delicious desi burger ? (No, its not really a burger, continue reading).

One of the most densely populated areas of Lahore, Sanda Road is home to Band Palastar dhaaba for many years. There is no sign-board or anything indicating their presence which means they don’t market themselves. They are a perfect example of word-of-mouth-marketing.

A small road-side shop divided into two halves. The right half is a regular general store/pan-shop while the left one is kitchen and sitting hall for Band Palastar and Tea. A tawa setup at the front of the shop where all the kitchen work is done. They have a sitting capacity of around 15.

Band Palastar dhaaba

Band Palastar itself is a desi styled burger (if I am doing justice to both a burger and Bun Palastar). A custom-made slightly sweet bun, a fried egg and a shami kabab (daal+beef mince) – all of this with some black pepper and salt while no red-pepper/chilli. The best thing: all of this is done in locally available packed butter. No cooking oil or ghee at all for frying. The first bite is always amazing. Contrary to the regular burger taste which has (egg) omelet and is fried in cooking oil; this comes with a flattened fried egg fried in butter. The butter immersed in the bun makes every bite juicy and makes the slightly sweet bun very tasty. Contrary to the norm, they proudly don’t serve ketchup. When asked for it, they replied “idday naal vi ketchup hi khaani ay te aiday ka mazaa“.

Although most like to complement this with a soft-drink available in the other half of the shop, the tea they serve isn’t a bad option. It was a very traditional dhaaba tea. Perfect color, strong in taste and a bit sweeter than one could expect – cooked to perfection.

A tawa setup at the front of the shop where all the kitchen work is done.

Although the place is not too hygienic but still (i) no use of sub-standard cooking oil but use of butter instead (ii) no sub-standard ketchup colored with dying colors (iii) fresh supply of eggs and buns make it a safe choice. Personally, I am not too concerned about hygiene when visiting dhaabas.

The interesting thing is that it costs only Rs. 30. Its always great to visit such road-side dhaabas. I am told by many that its a favorite place for students, working men and hostel-ites for its cheap price, accessibility and good taste. One of my friends who lives in NCA hosel almost opposite to this dhaaba tells “NCA-ites are living on Band Palastar. It has a huge role in our lives. Had it not been there, I can’t imagine how things would have been.

The legendry Band Palastar

Location: From Choburgi, go straight on Multan road and take a left turn from the MAO College traffic signal. This is Sanda Road. Go straight for around 250m. The dhaaba is on the right side of the road next to Haq Orthopedic Hospital.

Price: (30+10) PKR |  Hygiene: Average |  Service: Quick  |  Type: Take-Away and Dine-In


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