After NRO

NRO has been declared null and void but I am afraid of the fall-outs of this decisions on democracy in the country. PPP is arguing that the accountability process is selective and is targeting them. I’ll have to agree but I still have set high hopes from the CJP and SC; for the independence of which we all have struggled. I wish and hope this process will be applied to all the Khakis, bureaucrats and Mullah/Saudi sponsored politicians. Meezan Bank case, ISI money case, attacking the SC of Sajjad Ali shah case, Qarz Utaro scheme, Lal Masjid case, Musharraf’s trial and many more need to be taken as enthusiastically as this one.

An open letter to the CJP Iftikhar Chaudry after the NRO decission by Bilal Qureshi which I find very interesting can be read HERE.

Another opinion on the SC judgement over NRO by Asma Jahangir which I like can be found HERE.

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