Zaid Hamid and a billion musketeers

Zaid Hamid


What if i say Zaid Hamid is a Zionist and he has an agenda against Pakistan. Do i need any proof when i say that? No certainly not, specially if i am Zaid Hamid. If i am him,I will just need to find a conspiracy.

So lets work on this, lets find a conspiracy. The conspiracy here is that why does he always bring up this word in everything he has to say? Why is he so against them? What is he trying to hide? He must be a Zionist himself as he is trying to hide behind his criticism of Zionists. Also have you taken a close look at his face? Don’t you see Zionist written all over it? Specially in his eyes.

But by the grace of Allah he will fail in his mischief. He cannot hide behind the veil for ever. When the veil is finally lifted, remember it was Nasir who told you first.

These conspiracy theorists have a way with Pakistanis, the musketeers in this case. They appeal to something deep. Something that has been inside us for a very long time. It is not that conspiracy theories do not have mass appeal over the whole world, but in Pakistan they solidify into something which parallels faith.

The amazing thing is that the appeal of people like Zaid Hamid is not limited to the religious nuts, he is the topic of discussion in fairly liberal circles too. The lack of trust of any foreign government/organization/religion/people is universal which allows his theories to flow into peoples minds. This lack of trust is the basis of his success.

If you are a Pakistani reading this, i have a mental exercise for you. The exercise is simple but requires you to look deep to find your answer. Do not go for simplistic answers look for the major reason.

The question is, why are you so pissed at Jews? Why do you mistrust them?

Don’t tell me you don’t. Because you know you do! Ask yourself, why did this hatred became part of me? There are almost no Jews in Pakistan. So why did it happen? What if there was no Israel issue, will you be still pissed at Jews? If yes, why? What makes you mistrust Jews so much?

The answer will not set you free, but will allow you to understand how people like Zaid Hamid exploit your pre-conceived notions. Do not worry, you will not change. I know you want to remain one of his musketeers and i would never take that privilege away from you.

Happy musketeering!

This write-up was originally contributed by Nasir here.

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