Freedom To Bark Is Important, Gentlemen!

(This joke/tale is about the Communist USSR.)

A Russian (Resources did not disclose of his being a Communist or not!) came on a visit to Germany. His German friend graciously offered him a high-quality German bone. The Russian dog replied:

“No. I don’t need a German bone. I’ve brought my Russian bones with me. They are the best!”

The German dog then offered him a ball to play with. The Russian dog again said:

“No, not this one. Here, I’ve brought a ball from Russia. It’s the best!”

“Then what on earth are you here to do? You have everything in Russia and that too the best, why have you come here?” – German dog inquired.

“To Bark! They don’t let us bark in Russia!” – Replied the Russian dog.

Contributed by Umer Latif.

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