Breaking News: Zaid Hamid betrayed me, says Lubna.

BREAKING NEWS : Lubna claims that Zaid Hamid has betrayed her.

Dear Readers,

I am going to present an exclusive interview with Lubna, an ex-ardent follower of Zaid Hamid. She tells her story of  love for Hamid and claims that he betrayed her. You are going to witness some shocking insights into this love-affair!

Interviewer : So, Lubna. Can you please tell something about yourself  and your life ?

I am an Engineering student. I live in one of the urban capitals of the country and go to one of the prestigious universities. I belong to a well-off conservative Muslim family. Thats about it…

Interviewer: How is your life with family and friends ?

Well, life with family has been a disaster for a few years. Since my dad is back from abroad he has got strict. My parents continuously insist for me to be more religious and follow Islamic dress code. They bought me some nice hijaab from The Burqa Shop. This all really pisses me off but they take good care of me. They gifted me a new car on my birthday. Anyway, I love my life with friends at uni. We hang-out, go to parties, dine-out, go to cafes and all that. Life is fun.

So how did you find Zaid Hamid ?

Well, it was during a party at my friend Zaki’s farm house. We all were disturbed at the CD shops being burnt by the mullahs. I mean how the hell would we get all those movies and music from. This disturbed us all. Zaki introduced us to this man named Zaid Hamid. I watched his videos on YouTube and become a fan instantly.

He gave me simple and easy answers to all the questions we had. Who is burning the CD shops, why are they doing that. Who is responsible for the bomb blasts and why. He was so daring and confident and so knowledgeable and then he was not a stupid mullah. He told us that it was the Zionists, the Jews and Hindus doing all that. It made my day.

Interviewer: So what happened later ?

Life was good and easy. I was so in love with Zaid Hamid. It was fun. I was feeling extremely patriotic, nationalist and Islamic (resulting in a feeling of proud), yet without changing my outlook at all. My parents were happy as well with all my Yahoodi bashing and support for Khilafat and Shariat.

But then, * starts weeping *, *crying* , * loud-cries*, *tears all over her face*. Sorry for this. Ok, that was such a feel-good experience, but he betrayed me.

Interviewer: I am sorry if its personal but can you please tell us about that ?

Well, let me tell you how did it start. It started with simple co-incidences with an occasional slight use of the brain, which worked hardly because it went rusty in this blind love.

Betrayal starts: getting skeptical

He told us that the economic system, the banking system is all fraud. He bashed the Jews and Americans saying it is all being controlled by them and the only real, authentic and noble economic system is ‘gold’ economy. He added that its his mission to get Pakistan freed from this economic system and implemet gold economy.

But then one day … I land onto his official website and found this page to order DVDs.

Order DVD Page at Zaid Hamid's official website (
Order DVD Page at Zaid Hamid’s official website (

I found this a bit disturbing at the start. He was accepting US Dollars for his books and DVDs. And then, he was accepting all type of credit cards as well.  Visiting the Founder Profile page on his official website, I found out that he worked for Brinks, which transports cash for all these banks. Later, in the days of recession I heard and read about the huge Jewish business named Lehman brothers failing down. If US Federal reserves were under control of Jews, as he claims, why did they let it fail, I thought in confusion.

I ignored it all, because of my staunch belief in Zaid Hamid. I though this must be a Zionist propaganda.

Betrayed further: left me disturbed and annoyed

Later, he told us that whatever you are told by others – books, newspapers, TV, all forms of media are blatant lies and propaganda against Pakistan and Islam. He told that Jews control the media and you can not trust them because they don’t give you evidence and base the news and information on plain propaganda. I found this pretty interesting. I started denying all news reports, articles, books etc unless I got a confirmation from the BrassTacks mailing list. One day I got a text message from my dad telling me that my brother had a road accident. I emailed Team BrassTacks to confirm if its correct or a Zionist propaganda ?

But then, one day… I land onto this video of his where he tells about the source of his information.

This put me into further shock and disbelief. I did not want to believe this. It was getting tougher for me to be a ZaidHamidist. I had to deny all books, articles, news reports, magazines and TV on the pretext that it lacks evidence but I had to believe Zaid Hamid. Now I did need very very strong evidence for the information he was providing. Forward Emails as evidence for the information? I get hundreds of emails everyday. Does that qualify as evidence as well?

Betrayal didn’t stop: more confusion

He proudly told us all of his association with the Mujahideen of Afghanistan. He told us glorious stories about those Mujahideen fighting the infidel Russians. We were told how peaceful Afghanistan was under those Mujahideen. I was mesmerized by his courage, bravery and passion.

But then one day… I got hold of a few books namely Descent into Chaos, Taliban and Frontline Pakistan. I was left in disbelief and shock to know for whom the Mujahideen were fighting for and who was sponsoring the war in Afghanistan. Zaid Hamid and all those Mujahideen were fighting a proxy-war of America. Americans and Russians made Afghanistan – a Muslim country, a battle-ground for their own Imperialistic (or Zionistic, in Hamid’s language) motives. Pakistan, the qila of Islam worked for the Americans. All the funding came from America. How can he bash America and its citizens all the time and call the turmoil which Pakistan is facing as a “CIA’s war against Pakistan” when he worked for them at their money ? Wasn’t that a “CIA’s war against Pakistan” ?

A “liberal-fascist” friend of mine showed me this video and told me stories about Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan which left me terrorized. The line Zaid Hamid made us draw between the Good Taliban (Afghani Taliban) and Bad Taliban (Pakistani Taliban) seemed to be going away. They are all the same, I thought. I could no more call them good on the pretext that they are operating outside my country’s border and are a possible threat to USA or India. They sound like animals with banning all types of cultural activities and the heinous crimes against minorities and women.

Mujahideen (Taliban) in Afghanistan publicly execute a woman

Mujahideen (Taliban) in Afghanistan publicly execute a woman

Shattered to pieces in betrayal

All this left me very anxious. I started using my mind, after a long time. It felt good. Then I started reading books. It felt much better, even better than the Zaid Hamid’s feel-good experience.

He told us Hindus were paleed, dirty and unable to govern a state. But now I can see they are running a huge state, much much bigger than ours and that too quite well.

He told us:

The foundation for Pakistan was laid when the first Muslim entered the subcontinent, and it will continue to live until the last Muslim survives in this region.

Well if that be the case, I thought, the foundation of the state of Israel should also have been laid when the first Jew entered back to the land of Israel. Also, it should and must allow Israel continue to live until the last Muslim Jew survives in that region.

He terms everything as a “Zionist War Against Political Islam“. Well, Zionism itself is a mix of politics and Judaism. What exactly is Political Islam ? Is it a war between Political Judaism and Political Islam ?

He suffixed everyone and everything with Zionist. Hindu Zionist, Western Zionist, Media Zionists and what not. Some Google searching ( one and two ) revealed the fact onto me that Zionism has nothing to do with all of those.

Interviewer: Ok, thanks so very much Lubna for taking out time for us.

Oh, before I forget, let me tell you one more thing. I asked Mr. Zaid Hamid what does his red-cap symbolize and you know what did he say ?

What does the red cap sumbolize ?

What does the red cap sumbolize ?


No, not any more Hamid. I quit Hamid, I quit.

I can’t be in love with such a psycho stupid. Get lost you moron !


Interviewer: Lubna, we really feel sorry for you. Do you have a message for our readers ?

Yes, use your brain. Its fun.



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