Human rights take over National Security

Terror-suspects, Abid Naseer and Ahmed Faraz have won the appeal to stay in the UK. The court ruled they can not be deported back to Pakistan for their safety.

Terror-suspects, Abid Naseer and Ahmed Faraz can not be deported for their own safety, the court ruled.

A few months back a Pakistani origin Muslim boy who was a British national as well was kidnapped from Pakistan during a family trip to the home country. One needs not to get into the details and find out how seriously the British authorities took the case. It was one life; just another immigrant Pakistani Muslim kid, but the authorities went the extra-mile and recovered the kid. This is only one of the countless examples of how democratic social welfare states care about their citizens. Religion, color, caste, creed and race does not matter; being a citizen does.

This morning; I found out about the remarkable court judgement about Abid Naseer and Ahmed Faraz; the two Pakistani students charged on terrorism. Earlier this morning, the court announced its judgement and agreed that the two Pakistani men; Abid Naseer and Ahmed Faraz are a threat to the national security but decided in favour of the two men regarding deportation. The court announced they can not be deported back to Pakistan because (i) there is a lack of conclusive evidence and (ii) the two men claim they will not be safe and will have to face ill-treatment if sent back to Pakistan.

The judge, giving his reasons for not deporting them said, they were not prepared to accept arguments that there existed a ‘sufficient safeguard’ against prohibited ill-treatment of the men on return.

The judge further added, ‘Despite the restoration of a democratically-elected parliament and government, after eight years of military rule, Pakistan remains a state dominated by its military and intelligence agencies.There is a long and well-documented history of disappearances, illegal detention and of the torture and ill-treatment of those detained, usually to produce information, a confession or compliance.’

It is a remarkable judgement. The court, keeping in view the military/intelligence run political structure of the home country of the terror suspects ruled not to send them back, for their safety. All the Islamists need to appreciate this. They need to appreciate the fact that the country they would love to bomb is working hard for the safety of their terror-suspect Muslim brothers. The court has tried to save them from the wrath of their (Islamic) home country.

This is how independent and impartial Judiciaries deal with the cases irrespective of the race, religion and nationality of the people in question. The decision has led to angry news items on the media saying, “the court has declared in favour of safety of the criminals instead of the people of the UK.” Well, its actually true. Human Rights have taken over National Security, atleast this time.

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