ARY Pakistani Superstore for Londoners

Considering the fact that there are nearly 200,000 Pakistanis living in London, there are not many specialised Pakistani super stores out there – actually there isn’t anyone which we can really call ‘a Pakistani superstore.  

I know there are plenty of those small-midsized general stores or high-street shops spread across the city which cater to the needs of the Pakistani community but either their focus is generally on South Asian customers (even if they are Pakistani owned) or you cannot get all you want under one roof. Also, the supermarkets like Tesco, Asda and Sanisbury especially those located in areas with high density of Pakistani community (East London for instance) do have some Pakistani stuff (like tinned food, Pakistani rice and pickles etc) but then again, it’s very limited and the availability isn’t guaranteed unless it’s a festive season.

The ARY superstore intelligently placed in Wembley area is definitely a good addition. I am not too sure about the ethnic-demographics of this region, although a quick visit clearly revealed the desi presence; but perhaps somewhere in East London would have more convenient for the majority of Pakistani community settled there.

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The high roofed store is laid out like Lahore’s Metro or London’s Costco but doesn’t operate on the same models – it’s a plain retail store. Located right opposite the Alperton tube station (50 yards away), there is plenty of private parking space at the store. They have got lot more space but are using only a chunk of it at the moment – probably with the aim to expand as it gets popular.

There is a treat for almost every Pakistani shopper – from fresh supply of Pakistani fruits and vegetables, to frozen foods (meat products, snacks, vegs etc); from Pakola cans to Shezan juices; from Shaan Masalay to Tulsi Pan Masala; from all varieties of Pakistani lentils to Sooper biscuits; from Tibet snow cream to Super Crisp Nimko and Tea Rusks – you name it.  I have never seen this amazing variety in canned Pakistani food – saag, aalo-palak, karhi, bainganbharta; just to name a few. They have this good offer where they give you £1 cash voucher on every £6 spent in store – which you can use to buy only vegetables or fruits in the store; good enough deal, I believe.

They can definitely do better on the service; the billing is extremely ineffective. Although the store isn’t really busy but it would make much more sense if at least two of the counters are in service out of 5 available. In both my visits, only one was in service.

What you will not find anywhere else but here

Pakola, complete variety of Qarshi sharbat, complete variety of Shan/National/Ahmed masala and pickles, all Pakistani biscuits, nimko and snacks, canned Pakistani food like Karhi Pakora.

ARY Pakistani Superstore Wembley London
ARY Pakistani Superstore Wembley London

How to get there

Address:  ARY Superstore, Unit 11-12, Atlip Centre, 2 Atlip Road, Wembley, London HA0 4LU.

Nearest Tube Station: Alperton, served by Piccadilly line.

Bus Routes: 224, 297, 79, 83 (Alperton Bus Stop)

As you exit the station, opposite to you is this Altip centre; cross the road, and take the road going right of the Altip centre, named Altip road – it’s right there. (50 yards walk from the above listed tube/bus station.)

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