Karl Taylor: Introduction to Photography

Photography can be extremely rewarding, no matter what the capacity. For amateurs, the past time offers satisfying results on correct execution of the camera. If you are just starting out with a Digital SLR camera, Karl Taylor’s series of educational and entertaining DVDs will make you wish you had possessed this knowledge from day one.

The first part of his series of DVDs is ‘Introduction to Photography‘ which assists you in learning to use your own SLR camera in manual mode for full creative control.

  • Basic understanding of 6 elements of photography: light, medium, aperture, contrast, shutter and exposure.
  • Learn creative composition techniques and understand light and how camera works.
  • Easy explanation of photography terms like exposure, shutter speed, depth of field etc.
  • Effective exposure control, shutter speed control and using both collectively in Manual mode, AV mode and TV mode.
  • Using manual focus control.
  • Optics and Lenses – lens categories and their angle of views.
  • types of light: direct, transmitted, soft, hard.
  • Some practical tips on photography from the field.
  • Landscape photography and capturing action.
  • Excellent explanation of ISO, its significance and its relation to light, exposure and distortion.

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